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Zimbabwe Sinks $152bln On Propaganda TV, Radio Stations
[read the New Zimbabwe article] [read the The Zimbabwean article] Apr 14

Manassas BPL System Still Interfering Despite Claims to the Contrary
[read the ARRL article] Apr 14

Ibiquity Completes Gen 2 Receiver Reference Design
[read the Radio World article] Apr 14

HD Radio: More Radios Ahead
[read the Radio World article] Apr 14

Commentary: Broadcasters Should Rethink AM Stereo
[read the Radio World article] Apr 14

Lost QSL: Postcard Lost In The Mail For Five Decades Found
[read the AP article] Apr 14

Poland: Radio Maryja Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Remarks
[read the Jerusalem Post article] Apr 14

Pure One Digital DAB/FM Radio Launches - For Under Fifty Quid
[read the Digital-Lifestyles article] Apr 14

Detroit Public Radio GM To Stand Trial
[read the Billboard article] Apr 14

Australia May Fine-Tune Radio Policy, Says Senator
[read the ABU article] Apr 14

Austria's Powerline Causes Numerous Radio Disturbances
[read the Heise Online article] Apr 11

HD Radio: Big Problems With Some Boston Acoustics, Microsoft Products
[read the Knight Ridder article] Apr 11

HD Radio to See Broader Availability
[read the BetaNews article] Apr 11

Ham Radio Operators Reach Out
[read the Leader Times article] Apr 11

Opinion - Radio and TV Marti: Miami’s Children Of Scorn
[read the Panama News article] Apr 11

Nepal: 97 Journalists Arrested And 24 Injured In Six Days
[read the RSF article] [read the CPJ article] Apr 11

New Jersey Ham Couple Sues For Right To Put Up Tower
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Apr 9

Opinion: Proposed Cuts Would Eviscerate English-Language Voice of America
[read the opinion article] Apr 9

BPL Service Moves Forward In Manassas, Virginia
[read the ComputerWorld article] Apr 9

British MPs Lament BBC Cuts
[read the Bangkok Post article] [read the ePolitix article] Apr 9

Radio Stations Play It Safe Amid Legal Probe
[read the LA Times article] Apr 9

The Queen's Birthday - Royal Reception
[read the Times article] Apr 9

Australia: Tuning To Infamous Radio
This is worth a read. [read the Hawkesbury Gazette article] Apr 6

NPR Labs Offers Tips for Improved HD-R Receiver Antennas; Early Data Support Passive Types
[read the Radio World article] Apr 6

(FCC Chairman) Martin To Newspaper Publishers: New Times Call For New Ownership Rules
Here we go again... [read the Radio Ink article] Apr 6

Nigeria Eyes Community Radio Stations For Cutting Illiteracy
[read the People's Daily Online article] Apr 6

WBZ: Longtime Boston Radio Newsman To Retire
[read the AP article] [read the CBS article] Apr 6

Philippines: Bukidnon City Mayor Orders Radio Station Closed
[read the Inquirer article] Apr 6

Danish Radio Hosts Fined For Cake-Throwing Prank
[read the AP article] Apr 6

Ofcom Outlines Digital Strategy
[read the Media Week article] Apr 6

BBC Increases FM Presence In Sri Lanka
[read the ABU article] Apr 6

Podcasting Roils NPR Fund Raising
[read the Wired article] Apr 6

ARRL Alleges Misrepresentation by BPL Operator, Slams Lack of FCC Action
[read the ARRL article] Apr 5

Payola Settlement: Eliot Spitzer Fed Up With The FCC
[read the NY Post article] [read the Billboard article] Apr 5

Radio Nepal's Role Vital To Solve Conflict
[read the Gorkhapatra article] Apr 5

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending April 3, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Apr 5

Harris, NPR Labs to Demo HD Radio Services for Hearing, Visually Impaired
[read the Radio Currents article] Apr 5

Former Radio Veronica Ship May Be Coming Home
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Apr 5

India: VAT - Electronic Items To Cost More
[read the Deccan Herald article] Apr 5

Ethiopia: Government Licenses First Two Private Radio Stations
[read the Reuters article] [read the Independent article] Apr 5

Australia: Digital Radio Green Light
[read the Advertiser Adelaide article] [read the Australian article] Apr 5

Spanish Radio Tunes In To Immigration Quandaries
[read the Washington Post article] Apr 5

XM Tops 6.5 Million Subscribers
[read the Radio Ink article] Apr 5

Polish Media Watchdog Condemns Radio Station (Radio Maryja) For 'Anti-Semitic' Broadcast
[read the AP article] Apr 5

Hawaii: University Radio Hilo Goes On Air
[read the Honolulu Advertiser article] Apr 5

Iraq: Radio Show Helps Iraqis Air Their Grievances
[read the LA Times article] Apr 5

DRM Re-elects Chairman
[read the Radio Currents article] Apr 5

Uzbekistan: Radio Tashkent International Appears To Have Closed
[read the Media Network weblog article] Apr 3

Florida: Short-Wave Radio Station Blamed For Airport Interference (WRMI)
FYI: The antenna photo in the article is not WRMI. [read the AP article] Apr 3

Falklands BBC Radio Show Finishes
[read the BBC News article] Apr 3

VOA Touts New Anglophone Africa Programs
[read the Radio World article] [read the VOA News article] Apr 3

Grading HD Radio - Economics
What's on the market today. [read the Audio Graphics article] Apr 3

Trinidad & Tobago: Lucky Radio Listener Wins Breast Implant
[read the TT Newsday article] Apr 3

Boston Acoustics Will Include Second Antenna in Recepter HD Packaging
Poor reception? You must be kidding. [read the Radio World article] [read follow up Radio World article] Apr 3

Radio Ready To Settle With FCC Over Payola Allegations?
[read the FMQB article] Apr 3

Washington DC: Washington Post Gets Back Into Radio for Free (WTWP - WTOP)
[read the Washingtonian article] Apr 3

Digital vs Analog: Public Radio In Mexico Protests New Broadcast Law
[read the AP article] Mar 30

2 Dozen Killed In Pakistan Radio Battle
[read the AP article] Mar 30

Broadband Over Power Lines -- The Rest of the Story
[read the Government Technology article] Mar 30

FCC Affirms $21,000 in Fines Levied on Maine Radio Amateur
[read the ARRL article] Mar 30

Obit: Lee Hall; Correspondent For NBC-TV and VOA
[read the Washington Post article] Mar 30

Japan To End Ban On Resale Of Used Goods
[read the AP article] Mar 30

Nepal's Army Plans Radio Stations To Counter Rebels
[read the Reuters article] Mar 30

Australia: Radio Towers Warrant Preservation
[read the ABC article] Mar 30

Washington DC: The Post's Big Radio Play Debuts Thursday (WTWP - ex: WTOP 1500 AM)
[read the Washington Business Journal article] Mar 30

RIAA In Digital Radio Talks With NAB
[read the Billboard article] Mar 30

Lincoln Group: Company Says It Deals In "Influence," Not "Propaganda"
[read the Washington Post article] Mar 27

Global Media Delegation Highlights Nepal's Press Problems
[read the Journalism.co.uk article] Mar 27

Fans Put Satellite Radio On Cellphones, Draws Fire
[read the Reuters article] Mar 27

Ethiopia Drops Treason, Genocide Charges Against VOA Journalists, 13 Others
[read the VOA News article] [read the AllAfrica article] Mar 24

League Views BPL Manufacturer's Interference Abatement Efforts with Interest
[read the ARRL article] Mar 24

A Spectrum Marker for 500 Kilocycles - Radio Buffs Lobby to Make Historic 500 kHz a 'Memorial Frequency'
[read the Radio World article] Mar 24

Missouri: Talk Show Host Fired After On-Air Racial Slur (KTRS 550 AM)
This one was in reference to Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice. [read the St Louis Post Dispatch article] Mar 24

FCC Fines Utah Transmitter Maker $14,000
[read the Radio World article] Mar 24

Resurrecting the Golden Age of Radio
[read the NC Times article] Mar 24

Japan: NHK Celebrates 81st Anniversary
[read the ABU article] Mar 24

Voice of America's Death By A Thousand Cuts
[read the Spero News article] Mar 22

Colombian Radio Reporter Dies After Gun Attack
[read the Reuters article] [read the IFEX article] Mar 22

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending March 17, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Mar 22

FCC to Act Soon on IBOC
Night time IBOC broadcasts = Disaster. [read the Radio World article] Mar 22

Florida: Pirate Radio's Hip-Hop Tunes Finding Way To Pilots' Ears
[read the Miami Herald article] [read the AP article] Mar 20

Net Over Power Lines Irks Amateur Radio Lovers
[read the UA Today article] Mar 20

Spain: Radio Liberty Towers at Playa de Pals to Be Destroyed Next Week
[read the Radio World article] Mar 20

Indonesian State Radio To Broadcast News In 13 Languages
[read the Xinhua article] Mar 20

US To Fund Broadcast Services For North Koreans
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Mar 16

RFID: Viruses Leap To Smart Radio Tags
[read the BBC News article] Mar 16

Bill to Designate Digital Satellite Radio 'National-Only' Service Introduced in Senate
[read the Radio World article] [read the Billboard article] Mar 16

Uganda Shuts Radio Station Over Critical Talk Show
[read the Mail and Guardian article] Mar 16

Report: HD Radio Preferred Over iPod
WTF? You have to wonder how many of these people polled actually know what is HD Radio. [read the Billboard article] Mar 16

Commentary: HD Radio - Making Noise, But Can't Be Found
[read the Audio Graphics article] Mar 15

Report: 46 Million HD Users By 2020
This means only one in every five households would have an HD Radio. Even if this number come's true wouldn't HD Radio be considered a failure at that point in a country of nearly 300 million people and not taking into consideration any population growth? [read the Billboard article] Mar 15

Maryland: WBAL Ends Eight Years Of Rush, Boosts Local Talk
Finally a station is paying attention to it's local listeners. [read the Billboard article] Mar 15

"A Public Service For All" – UK Government Publishes BBC White Paper
[read the Media Network weblog article] Mar 15

Cuba Says U.S. Spreading Technology Subversion, Anti-Castro Propaganda
[read the Human Events article] Mar 13

North Carolina: Ham Radio Operators Want Less Restriction
[read the Star News article] Mar 13

Zimbabwe: Radio Voice of the People Trustees Face Trial Over Program
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Mar 10

Amateur Radio Praised For Communication Efforts After Hurricane Katrina
[read the excerpts from A Failure of Initiative] Mar 10

Volunteer Radio Amateurs "Part of the Solution," FCC Katrina Panel Told
[read the ARRL article] Mar 10

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Correspondents in Turkmenistan Arrested
[read the RFE/RL article] Mar 10

FCC Directs Manassas BPL System to Act Following Ham's Interference Complaint
[read the ARRL article] Mar 10

Brazil Prostitute Get Own Radio Station
[read the Reuters article] Mar 10

Nepal: Government Cuts Power To FM Radio Station As The Army Launches Six Propaganda Stations
[read the IFEX article] Mar 10

Zambian Children Learn By Radio
[read the Aljazeera article] Mar 8

Pakistan: FM Mullahs Fill The Airwaves With Hatred
[read the Telegraph article] Mar 8

Venezuela Proposed New Latin American Radio Network
[read the Pravda article] Mar 8

Opinion: The World Needs English VoA
[read the Hill article] Mar 8

NASA Aids in Resolving Long Standing Solar Cycle Mystery
[read the NASA article] Mar 8

Solar Minimum Has Arrived
[read the YubaNet article] Mar 8

Scientists Say Sun's Next 11-Year Cycle Will Be Stronger
[read the Xinhua article] Mar 8

Researchers Make First Sunspot Prediction
[read the VOA article] Mar 8

Internet Saps Ham Radio Popularity
[read the Peninsula article] Mar 8

North Carolina: Amateur Radio Operators Fear Extinction
The battle against the village idiots continues! [read the AP article] Mar 8

Nepal: Concern At Decision To Launch Army Radio
[read the IRIN article] Mar 8

XM & Sirius: Satcaster Tax In Virginia?
[read the FMQB article] Mar 8

Bouncing The Illegal Broadcasters Off The Overcrowded Airwaves
[read the Guardian article] Mar 8

Philippines Radio Broadcaster Kidnapped
[read the ABC article] Mar 6

Trinity Broadcasting Has Wealth And Critics
Trinity is KTBN on shortwave [read the Tennessean article] Mar 6

In Radio, Satellite Is Gaining Ground
[read the Philadelphia Inquirer article] Mar 6

Pope Honors Vatican Radio as Messenger of Christianity
[read the VOA news article] [read the Catholic News article] Mar 5

Morse Code During Blood Draws
If you need a laugh read this. [read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Mar 5

Western Union And The Railroad Telegraphers
[read the El Defensor Chieftain article] Mar 5

Radio Collector Stays Tuned In
[read the Inside Toronto article] Mar 5

Ohio: Fundraising Begins For VOA (Museum)
[read the Enquirer article] Mar 5

Letter To The Editor: America's Broadcast Voice Abroad (BBG Member)
Pathetic response! [read the Washington Post article] Mar 5

University of Maryland: Battle Brews Over Future Of College Radio Station (WMUC)
[read the News4 article] Mar 5

Colorado: Teacher Put On Leave After Lecture Lands On Radio
[read the LA Times article] Mar 5

Nepal Army To Run FM stations
[read the ABU article] Mar 5

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending March 1, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Mar 5

Amateur Radio: Morse Code Fans Sending Out An SOS
[read the Chicago Tribune article] Mar 3

Digital Signals Spark Static
From AM Radio

[read the Wall Street Journal article] Mar 3

Digital Radio Faces Hurdles, But May Finally Be Ready For The U.S. Market
[read the Electronic Business article] Mar 3

Vatican Radio, Marking 75th Anniversary, Awaits Papal Visit
[read the CWNews article] Mar 3

Clear Channel Threatens Injunction To Keep Bubba Quiet
[read the FMQB article] Mar 3

Audio Broadcast Flag Bill Introduced
Gee which do you hate more... the RIAA or the NAB? [read the Radio World article] Mar 3

Company Says Its High-Tech Paint Will Block Cell Phone Calls
[read the Chicago Tribune article] Mar 3

WLW Returns As 'The Nation's Station' On XM
[read the Billboard article] Mar 3

EU Launches Broadcasts To Belarus
[read the BBC News article] Mar 1

Voice Of The People: Radio Station Trustees Appear In Zim Court
[read the IOL article] [read the ZimbabweJournalists.com article] Mar 1

Australian Digital Radio Rollout Underway
[read the ABU article] Mar 1

ARRL Ham Aid "Gear Ready to Go" Awaits Next Disaster
[read the ARRL article] Mar 1

Howard Stern: CBS Radio Files Lawsuit Against 'Shock Jock'
[read the FT article] Mar 1

Linda Smith, The First Lady Of Radio Comedy, Dies Of Cancer Aged 48
[read the Independent article] Mar 1

BBC Is To Silence Falklands Radio Service After 62 Years
[read the Times article] Feb 28

League to FCC: Order an End to Arbitrary Access Limits to BPL Database
[read the ARRL article] Feb 28

Amateur Radio Reaches To Far-Flung Places
[read the Dailyrecord.com article] Feb 28

Peter I: On The Far Side Of The World
[read the Greenfield Daily Reporter article] Feb 28

Opinion: Muffling the Voice of America
[read the Boston Globe article] Feb 28

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending February 16, 2006
Always interesting reading... [read the ARRL article] Feb 28

Seeking New Wavelengths For Radio
[read the International Herald Tribune article] Feb 28

Kenya: China Radio International Launches First Overseas FM Radio Station In Nairobi
[read the Xinhua article] Feb 28

Radio Pioneers Pulled Words, Music and World Events Out of Thin Air
[read the VOA article] Feb 28

Tuning In The World With Old Radios
[read the Westford Eagle article] Feb 28

Radio Programs Articulate US Values To The Global Community
[read the Christian Science Monitor article] Feb 22

Poland: Radio Racja To Begin Airing To Belarus Wednesday
[read the Euro PAP article] Feb 22

Cricket: BBC Secures Radio Deal In India
[read the Times of India article] Feb 22

Arab World and Asia: New Priorities for Vatican Radio
[read the Zenit News article] Feb 22

Vatican Radio Rejects Ads In Broadcasts
[read the AP article] Feb 22

Pope To Visit Vatican Radio On March 3 For 75th Anniversary Celebration
[read the Agenzia Giornalistica Italia article] Feb 22

RIP: Broadcast Voice Curt Gowdy Loved Radio
[read the Radio World article] Feb 22

Politics Hamstrings FCC, Powell Says
[read the Rocky Mountain News article] Feb 22

Arrest Made In Howard Stern Hate Mail Case
[read the 1010Wins article] Feb 22

XM Satellite Radio’s Future: More Ads
[read the ILoveRadio article] Feb 22

HD Ad Campaign Launches In 28 Markets
[read the Billboard article] Feb 22

HD Tabletop Received With Eagerness
[read the Radio World article] Feb 21

Nebraska: Lottery Claim Was Radio Prank
[read the CNN article] Feb 21

Radio Industry Showing Signs Of Doubt About HD
[read the Audio Graphics article] Feb 21

Sound of Hope's Daily Broadcast into China Increases to Six Hours
[read the Epoch Times article] Feb 20

Amateur Radio - Daddy Chronicles: Mystery that is radio boggles the mind
[read the Cherry Hill Courier Post article] Feb 20

Amateur Radio: "The Cannons Have Fired"--Ham Radio Enables Coordinated Final Salute
[read the ARRL article] Feb 20

AM Radio: Life on Expanded Band Is (Pretty) Good
[read the Radio World article] Feb 20

Committee to Protect Journalists Releases Annual Report on Attacks - Group Calls Internet, Shortwave Key In Closed Societies; Belarus Highlighted
[read the Washington File article] Feb 17

Opinion: Spreading The Word
[read the Washington Times article] Feb 17

Radio Execs Not In Harmony On HD, PPM
[read the Billboard article] Feb 17

Although HD Is The Latest In Technology, There Are A Few Hiccups
[read the Detriot News article] Feb 17

India: Digital Broadcast: Radio's Next Wave?
[read the Hindu article] Feb 17

Australia: 'School Of The Air' Radio Signs Off
[read the ABC article] Feb 15

Voice of America to Concentrate on Mideast - Board Decides to De-Emphasize English Radio Broadcasts, Stress TV and the Internet
[read the Washington Post article] Feb 15

League Complains to FCC Regarding BPL Database Irregularities
[read the ARRL article] Feb 15

Number Of People Using Radio Remains Steady
[read the FMQB article] Feb 15

Zimbabwe: Voice Of The People Remand Hearing Postponed To End Of Month
[read the Zimbabwejournalists.com article] Feb 14

Amateur Radio: FCC Noncommittal on "Morse Code" Proceeding Action
[read the ARRL article] Feb 14

Connecticut: A Ham For 75 Years, And Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
[read the Republican-American article] Feb 14

Indonesia: Unlicensed Radio Stations In Kendari Risk Being Shut Down
[read the Jakarta Post article] Feb 14

Massachusetts: Collectors Host Fascinating Auction Of Antique Radios
[read the MetroWest Daily News article] Feb 14

Danish Radio Owner Sentenced for Racism Against Muslims
[read the Zaman article] Feb 14

India Can't Afford To Miss Digital Audio Broadcasting
[read the Deccan Herald article] Feb 14

North Korean Audience for Open Radio for North Korea
[read the Daily NK article] Feb 12

Opinion: Zimbabwe - State Must Jam Pirate Radios
[read the Zimbabwe Herald article] Feb 11

New Attack On Zimbabwean Media Slammed
[read the IOL article] Feb 11

China To Host HFC Conference
[read the ABU article] Feb 11

Polish Radio To Start Broadcasts To Belarus On 15 February
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Feb 11

Indonesia: 'Media Curbs Signal Return to Suharto Era'
[read the IPS article] Feb 11

California: Local Amateur Radio Enthusiasts Keep The Airwaves Busy
[read the Monterey County Herald article] Feb 11

Fred Thompson To Take Over Paul Harvey's Place?
[read the NY Post article] Feb 11

California: Man Putting Howard Stern On FM Radio Talks To NBC11
[read the NBC11 article] Feb 11

100s Of Radio Stations Marked In Payola Probe
[read the Billboard article] Feb 11

Ham Radio Operators "True Heroes," Rep Mike Ross, WD5DVR, Says in "Salute"
[read the ARRL article] Feb 10

BBC Holds Talks With Unions To Avert Strike Action
[read the Brand Republic article] Feb 10

Canada: CBC Radio 'Offensive And Flippant'
[read the Ottawa Sun article] Feb 10

Cook Island Media Adds TV, Radio Stations
[read the Scoop article] Feb 10

NAB Urges FCC (Again) to Drop Cross-Ownership Ban
[read the Radio World article] [read the R&R article] Feb 10

VOA Is DOA In Bush Budget
[read the Scripps Howard News Service article] Feb 9

Voice of America To Axe Turkish Broadcasts
[read the Zaman Daily article] Feb 9

VOA, RFE Eo End Macedonian Broadcasts
[read the MAKFAX article] Feb 9

Thailand: Guilty Verdict Against Broadcaster Threatens Community Radio
[read the CPJ article] [read the RSF article] [read the SEAPA article] Feb 9

'Payola' Probe Turns Towards Radio Conglomerates
[read the CBC article] Feb 9

Tsunami Warning Inadvertently Sent To Alaska Radio, TV Stations
[read the AP article] Feb 9

VOA To End Thai Broadcasts
First the BBC, now the VOA. [read the Bangkok Post article] Feb 7

Bush Boosts Middle East Broadcast Funding
[read the Broadcasting & Cable article] Feb 7

Michigan: CB Call May Have Saved Trucker's Life
[read the WWMT article] Feb 7

HD Radio Roll-Out May Draw Closer Scrutiny In Congress
The greedy RIAA at work. [read the San Antonio Business Journal article] Feb 7

PNG: Community Radio - A Voice For The Poor
[read the National article] Feb 7

BBC In Hot Water Over Sex Chatline Ads
[read the Daily Mail article] Feb 7

Citadel-Disney Radio (ABC Radio) Purchase Official
[read the Radio World article] Feb 7

President Bush Proposes FCC Funding Decrease
[read the R&R article] Feb 7

Four Days After VOA Reduces Its Shortwave Frequencies For Indonesian, Shortwave Again Becomes The Best Medium For International Broadcasters To Reach Indonesia
[read the Kim Andrew Elliott article] Feb 6

Amateur Radio Antenna Bills in Play in Mississippi, Vermont
[read the ARRL article] Feb 6

Massachusetts: Unlicensed AM Broadcaster Fined $10,000
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Feb 6

BBC Radio 4 UK Theme To Be Released Commercially
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Feb 6

Singapore: Radio DJs Try To Remain Silent For 70 Hours To Win $70,000 For Charity
[read the Channel News Asia article] Feb 6

New York Radio Station Did Not Cause Death
[read the UPI article] [read the AP article] Feb 6

India: FM Radio Set To Explode As Bidding Ends
[read the Times of India article] Feb 6

Voice of America Cuts 247 Shortwave Transmission Hours Per Day
[read the Kim Andrew Elliott article] Feb 3

VT Communications: New Transmitters Increase DRM Coverage
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Feb 3

Commentary: International broadcasting tightens its belt
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Feb 3

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending January 31, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Feb 3

Western Union: Final Telegram Stop Must Only Use E-mail Now Stop
[read the Times article] Feb 3

BBC Strike To Hit Radio Programmes
[read the Independent article] Feb 3

A Look At The New Golden Age Of Radio
[read the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune article] Feb 3

700 HD Radio Stations Now On-Air As Digital AM & FM Rollout Momentum Continues
[read the PRESS RELEASE] Feb 2

Congo: Rebels Force Radio Station Off The Air
[read the CPJ article] Feb 1

XM NavTraffic to Reach 31 Markets
[read the Radio World article] Feb 1

UKRadio.com Closes It's Doors
[read the UKRadio.com article] Feb 1

Indonesia: Giving The Afflicted A Voice, And Hope
[read the InterNews article] Feb 1

IdaCorp Bails Out Of BPL
[read the Telecomweb article] Jan 31

Texas: San Antonio Radio Market May Be Losing Ground In HD Race
[read the San Antonio Business Journal article] Jan 31

Canada: Don Imus Remarks "Abusive and Offensive," CRTC Says
[read the Talk Radio Nation article] Jan 31

Study: Radio Listening Holding Steady
[read the FMQB article] Jan 31

DRM Is On The Agenda In Las Vegas
[read the Radio World article] Jan 30

Zimbabwe Issues Warning to Remaining Journalists
[read the NYT article] Jan 30

Ham Radio Operators Play Role In Disaster Aid
[read the Allentown Morning Call article] Jan 30

Howard & The Pirates: Sirius Wants Stern Stealing To Cease
[read the Radio Ink article] Jan 30

California: Homeowner Fined Over Unlicensed FM Station
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Jan 30

Zimbabwe: Dutch Urged To Act On Jamming Of Radio Netherlands
[read the IRIN article] Jan 27

Voice Of The People: Zim Radio Bosses Charged
[read the News 24 article] [read the CPJ article] Jan 27

Alhurra And Radio Sawa Reaching 71 Percent Of Iraqis
[read the AME Info article] Jan 27

Ramsey Electronics Fined $25,000 on Equipment Marketing
Yes, that Ramsey Electronics.. [read the Radio World article] Jan 27

Ivory Coast: Using The Media To Orchestrate Violence
[read the IRIN article] Jan 27

Listen Up For Data On Digital's Latest DJ Domicile: HD Radio
Hey it's digital so it must be CD audio quality... [read the USA Today article] Jan 27

China To Launch First Overseas Radio Service In Kenya
[read the Xinhuanet article] Jan 27

Britain Unites In Campaign To Save Radio Theme Tune
[read the Times article] [read the Guardian article] Jan 27

Indonesia: Jakarta Bans Foreign News Shows On Its Stations
Hello shortwave... [read the Straits Times article] Jan 24

Rude Awakening For listeners As Radio 4 Abandons Theme Tune
[read the Times article] [read the BBC news article] Jan 24

Maldives: Minivan Radio To Resume Short-Wave Broadcasts For One Week
[read the Minivan News article] Jan 23

Wisconsin: Pirates Free Edgerton's Airwaves
[read the Janesville Gazette article] Jan 23

Japan: NHK Plans To Reduce Services By 2011
[read the Daily Yomiuri article] Jan 21

Zimbabwe: Journalist (VOA) Jailed, Threatened With Charges
[read the CPJ article] Jan 21

TV Martí: Broadcasting A Vision Of Democracy Into A Void
[read the LA Times article] Jan 21

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending January 17, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Jan 21

A 'Ham' Makes A Transatlantic Love Connection
[read the Trenton Times article] Jan 21

Peter I DXpedition: Ham Radio Antarctic DXpedition to Use Iridium Phones
[read the Radio Currents article] Jan 21

Tajikistan Government Suspends BBC’s FM Radio Service
[read the Reuters article] [read the State Dept article] Jan 21

Man Held After Miami Tower Climb
[read the Florida Today article] Jan 21

Philippines: Radio Reporter Killed In Pagadian City
[read the ABS-CBN article] [read the Journal article] Jan 21

Minnesota: De La Hunt Troubled by HD Radio
[read the Radio World article] Jan 21

XM Satellite Radio Not Commercial Free, Suit Says
[read the Washington Times article] Jan 21

Shutdown "Imperative" in Face of Still-Unresolved BPL Interference, ARRL Says
[read the ARRL article] Jan 19

HD Radio Alliance Unveils First Wave Of Markets, Formats
[read the Billboard article] Jan 19

Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD
[read the CNet article] Jan 19

Portugal: Keeping Tradition On The Radio
[read the Times article] Jan 19

Hong Kong Reviews Public Broadcasting
[read the BBC News article] via Paul C. Jan 19

Pennsylvania: Amateur Radio Offers Window To World
[read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article] Jan 18

California: Radio Host Accused Of Drugging And Attempted Abduction Of 14-Year-Old Girl
[read the All Headline News article] Jan 18

RIAA Chief Extends Olive Branch To NAB
[read the R&R article] Jan 18

Cambodia: Radio Station Chief Freed But Still Facing Charges
[read the RSF article] Jan 18

Digital Radio Sound 'Is Worse Than Old FM'
[read the Telegraph article] Jan 16

Old-Fashioned Ham Radio Still Essential In High-Tech Age
[read the North County Times article] Jan 16

Nepal: Independent Radio Broadcasters Protest Proposed Broadcasting Authority
[read the Nepal News article] Jan 16

Six In '06: Radio's Mega-Trends
[read the Billboard article] Jan 16

Libya Jamming 'Exposed Vulnerability'
Well worth reading... [read the BBC News article] Jan 14

BBC Thai Service Ends Broadcasts
[read the BBC News article] Jan 14

Everyone's Aiming at Satellite Radio
[read the Business Week article] Jan 14

Pirate Radio Picking Up Sirius Stern Show
[read the UPI article] [read the FMQB article] Jan 14

Three All India Radio Stations to go DTH by mid-year
[read the ABU article] Jan 14

Confusion Reigns About HD Radio
[read the Radio World article] Jan 14

NAB Disputes Piracy Charges Against HD Radio
[read the R&R article] [read the Radio Currents article] Jan 14

HCJB Kicks Off 75th Anniversary Celebration
[read the Mission Network article] Jan 12

Slovakia: President Wants To Save Slovak Radio Foreign Service
[read the Media Network weblog article] Jan 12

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending January 3, 2006
[read the ARRL article] Jan 11

Pakistan: 41 Illegal Radio Stations Closed Down
[read the Asia Media article] Jan 11

Pirate Radio Has Its Plug Pulled
[read the ic SouthLondon.co.uk article] Jan 11

Pennsylvania: Pirate Fined $10,000
[read the Radio World article] Jan 11

Analysis: DC's News Behemoth - The WTOP Switch
[read the Billboard article] Jan 11

Satellite vs Terrestrial Radio: How DAB Won War For Airwaves (Europe)
[read the UK Times article] Jan 11

Florida Professor, Wife Accused Of Spying For Cuba
[read the Knight Ridder article] [read the Pravda article] Jan 10

Maldives Government Orchestrates Sri Lanka Raid on Exiled Radio Station
[read the Minivan News article] Jan 10

Belarus Expels Priest and "Harasses" Baptists, As Radio Station Starts
[read the BosNewsLife article] Jan 10

Sri Lanka: When Ceylon Ruled The Airwaves
[read the Sunday Observer article] link via Kim Andrew Elliott Jan 10

China & Japan: Better Ties Sought Through Radio
[read the Japan Times article] Jan 10

Amateur Radio: FCC Invites Comments on League's "Regulation by Bandwidth" Petition
[read the ARRL article] Jan 10

Washington DC: FM Stations Try to Talk Their Way Out Of Trouble
[read the Washington Post article] Jan 10

TraxCatcher Rips Songs from FM Radio
[read the RealTechNews article] Jan 10

Michigan: Public Radio Listeners Want Their Money Back
[read the NYT article] Jan 10

BBC, Murdoch Queue Up For Radio India
[read the Financial Express article] Jan 8

Rhode Island: Local Man Celebrates 90th with Family Friends and Ham Radio
[read the East Greenwich Pendulum article] Jan 8

Talk Host Art Bell's Wife Dies Suddenly
[read the R&R article] Jan 8

West Virginia: Ham Survives Coal Mine Explosion
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Jan 8

CES 2006: JVC Showcases Gen 2 HD Radio Receiver
[read the Radio World article] Jan 8

CES 2006: WorldSpace Re-Brands Itself
[read the Radio World article] Jan 8

Radio Talkshow DJ Rushes To Help As Caller Dies On Air
[read the Independent article] [read the Sun article] Jan 8

Journalists Accuse Maldives Of Manipulating Interpol (Minivan Radio)
[read the Reuters article] Jan 6

Ethiopia: 'Charges Against Reporters Should Be Dropped'
[read the IOL article] [read the IRIN article] Jan 6

Poland: Radio For Belarus In Two Months
[read the Euro PAP article] Jan 6

Radio News You Can't Use
Lots of interesting stuff here. Well worth reading. [read the WFMU weblog article] Jan 6

New Tuner Would Put HD On Satellite-Ready Radios
[read the Billboard article] Jan 6

Amateur Radio: California - ROARS Is Loud And Clear In Emergencies
[read the San Diego Union Tribune article] Jan 6

Canadian Satellite Radio Expects 75,000 Subscribers To XM Canada By August
[read the Canadian Press article] Jan 6

XM Passport - One Chip - Many Radios
[read the Gizmodo article] Jan 6

Peter I - Antarctica: Amateur Radio - A Team Of Radio Fans Will Go To Great Lengths To Be On The Air From The Ends Of The Earth
[read the Orlando Sentinel article] Jan 5

IBiquity To Launch Online Training Tool For HD Radio
You can't make stuff up like this... [read the Baltimore Business Journal article] Jan 5

Motorola Rolls Out iRadio Service
[read the RadioInk article] Jan 5

Washington DC: WTOP Moves In Major Radio Shake-up
WTOP to exit 1500 kHz [read the MediaBistro article] Jan 5

Washington Post to Launch Radio Station
[read the AP article] Jan 5

Radio's 'Golden Age' Resurfaces Online
[read the Times Community Newspapers article] Jan 5

Violence Still Increasing 63 Journalists Killed, More Than 1,300 Physically Attacked Or Threatened
[read the RSF article] Jan 5

Radio Martí: Plane May Help Overcome Cuba's 'News Blockade'
[read the Miami Herald article] Jan 4

Eton Corporation Is SIRIUS About Satellite Radio
[read the press release] Jan 4

Radio Scramble: Broadcast Industry Takes Steps To Counter Sirius (and XM) Problem
[read the Philadelphia Daily News article] Jan 4

Open Letter On HD Radio
This is hilarious... [read the RadioInk article] Jan 4

BBC Buys Indian Stake As It Vies For FM Licences
[read the Times article] Jan 4

Washington DC: Park Service Unveils Mall Radio Station (TIS)
[read the AP article] Jan 4

Turn Down That Radio! Years of Loud Noise May Cause Tumor
[read the press release] Jan 4

Pennsylvania: KDKA Pittsburgh Fires Three Talk Hosts
[read the RadioInk article] Jan 4

Germany May Not Switch Off Analogue Until 2020 - SWR Radio Director
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Jan 4

"Profound Changes Have Taken Place At CRI" - Director General China Radio International
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Jan 2

Lord Haw-Haw On Radio Again
[read the Belfast Telegraph article] [go to BBC Radio 2 page] Jan 1

Freeplay Foundation: The World Is Just A Twiddle Away
[read the Times article] Dec 30

India: Roundup 2005 - Unshackling Media And Entertainment
[read the Financial Express article] Dec 30

Senegal: President Urged To Reject Broadcasting Law Passed By Parliament
[read the RSF article] Dec 30

North Korea: Radio Station Invites Words For North's Kim
[read the Joongang Ilbo article] Dec 29

Turkish Radio-TV Board Approves Kurdish Broadcasting
[read the Zaman Online article] Dec 29

Madonna Promotes Free Radio
[read the Radio World article] Dec 29

Japanese Minister Sets Up Panel For Reforms Of NHK
[read the ABU article] Dec 29

Zimbabwe: Defiant Voice of the People Radio Station Director Speaks On Ordeal
[read the SW Radio news article] Dec 28

Florida: FCC Ban Silences Illegal Radio Station In Miramar
[read the Miami Herald article] Dec 28

North Korea: Control on The Use of Cellular Phones Is Loose
[read the Daily NK article] Dec 28

Sirius Satellite Radio Hits Mark Of 3 Million Subscribers
[read the TechSpot article] Dec 28

Radio: A Christmas Gift to the World
[read the American Heritage article] Dec 27

5 VOA Journalists Charged In Ethiopia Press Clampdown
[read the AP article] [read the EITB24 article] Dec 27

Royal Message Is 73-Year Tradition
[read the BBC News article] [read the Globe & Mail article] Dec 27

Pakistan: Illegal Radio Channels Create A Stir In Tribal Areas
[read the Gulf Times article] Dec 27

Texas: Spanish Radio Station Could Be Silenced Over Segment (KROM-FM)
Watch for the ACLU stick their nose in this one. [read the San Antonio Express article] [read the AP article] Dec 27

Afghanistan: Journalists Still Under Threat
[read the IRIN article] Dec 27

California: Bored By Mainstream Media, Man Turns to Podcasts
File under "dumb" or sticking your head in the sand; a desperate publicity stunt to get people to read a blog (the other trendy thing besides iPods). I guess this guy doesn't care or live in an area that is threatened by natural or man made disasters. While some podcasts are entertaining and informative, timely news items become quickly stale. Pitch the TV, keep the radio. [read the Podcasting News article] Dec 27

Zimbabwe Frees Head Of Private Radio Station (Voice of the People)
[read the Reuters article] Dec 24

Spanish Radio's Apology Ends Row Over Spoof Call
[read the Reuters article] Dec 24

Last Minute Of 2005 Will Have 61 Seconds
[read the Andhra Cafe article] Dec 24

S.C. Station Touts Its AM Stereo, Urges Others to Join In (WNMB)
[read the Radio World article] Dec 24

Alistair Cooke's Bones 'Stolen'
[read the BBC news article] [read the Independent article] [read the MSNBC article] Dec 23

Spain Blasts Radio Station's Prank Call To Bolivian Leader
Jajaja... Bravisimo! [read the AP article] [read the BBC News article] Dec 23

Statement By VOA Director On Ethiopian Government Charges Against VOA Journalists
[read the VOA News article] Dec 23

How Rockwell Collins Landed In The Front Lines Of The War On Terror
A most interesting article if you ever wondered what ever happened to the great Collins radio company. [read the Forbes article] Dec 23

Commentary: Justifying International Broadcasting In 2005
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Dec 23

BBC East Europe Voices Silenced
[read the BBC news article] Dec 23

'Voice of West Texas' Celebrates Turning 70 - KCRS
[read the Midland Reporter-Telegram article] Dec 23

BBC Radio Blocked In Russia Over Licensing Bureaucracy Dispute
[read the RIA Novosti article] Dec 23

BBC And Deutsche Welle Off The Air In Russia
[read the RFE/RL article] Dec 23

Well Known Latin America DXer Björn Malm Has Died
[read the HCDX article] Dec 23

No Fox On Sirius? With No '06 Deal In Place, XM May Be Sole Fox News Carrier
[read the Variety article] Dec 23

HD Radio: Could It Ever Supplant FM?
[read the Radio World article] Dec 23

Senate OKs FCC Nominations
[read the R&R article] Dec 23

Joe Adamov, Radio Moscow and Voice of Russia Announcer Has Died
Shortwave radio has sadly lost one of it's great voices. According to the Voice of Russia's webpage, Joe Adamov has passed away. Anyone who has spent any time over the last 60 plus years listening to Radio Moscow and later the Voice of Russia has heard Joe Adamov's golden voice and laughed at his quick wit while he answered listeners' questions and gave insight on Russian history, life, culture and politics on the very popular Moscow Mailbag radio program. It is mind boggling to imagine that Adamov began his extraordinary career at Radio Moscow during the era of Stalin. Strangely though no date of death is listed on the VOR's webpage nor any mentions of his passing noted in the Russian press. [go to the VOR webpage] [re-runs of Moscow Mailbag can be heard in Real Audio by clicking here] Tip via RTC Dec 21

Tsunami Recovery In Indonesia: Acehnese Communities Take To The Airwaves
[read the ReliefWeb article] Dec 21

Sirius Seen Reaching Breakeven Before XM
[read the Forbes article] Dec 21

EU Belarus Radio Station Delayed As Elections Loom
[read the EUObserver article] Dec 21

Lawmakers Establish 2009 Deadline for Analog TV Phaseout
[read the Washington Post article] Dec 21

Zimbabwe: Voice of the People Director Arrested; Three Others Freed
[read the CPJ article] Dec 20

Zimbabwe Police Release Radio Journalists (Voice of the People)
[read the Mail & Guardian Online article] Dec 20

Response to Virginia BPL Interference Complaints an "Illusion" of Resolution, ARRL Says
[read the ARRL article] Dec 20

BBC Bulgaria Goes Silent Dec 23
[read the Sofia News article] Dec 20

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending December 16, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Dec 20

BPL Lights Texas
[read the Red Herring article] [read the infoWorld article] Dec 20

Ham Radio to be Featured on Talk Show
[read the eHam.net article] Dec 20

Wisconsin: Neighbor Worth Knowing Sheboygan Native Likes To 'Ham It Up' On The Radio
[read the Sheboygan Press article] Dec 20

Iran's President Bans Western Music On Radio And Television
[read the AP article] Dec 20

California: Pirate Radio Station Returns To Airwaves
[read the NBCSanDiego article] Dec 20

Memorial Frequency Proposal - 500 kHz
[read the RSGB article] Dec 17

Zimbabwe: Police Raid Independent Radio Station
[read the IRIN article] [read the RSF article] Dec 17

Consumers On Future HD Radio Displays: Nearly 90 % Prefer “Expanded Band”
[read the Radio Ink article] Dec 17

Bolivia: Decree Recognizes Community Radio and TV
[read the Noriegaville article] Dec 17

Portable Stereo's Creator Got His Due, Eventually
[read the New York Times article] Dec 17

Libya's Old Tricks
[read the Washington Times article] Dec 17

Digital AM/FM Challenges Satellite Radio - Boston Acoustics’ Recepter Radio Review
[read the MSNBC article] Dec 17

Security Services Raid Zimbabwean Radio Station - Voice Of The People
[read the SW Radio Africa News article] [read the ZimDaily article] [read the VOA article] Dec 16

The Low-Power Radio Movement Wants More
[read the Radio World article] Dec 16

Bhutan Broadcasting Service To Get New TV Centre, Shortwave Transmitter
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Dec 16

Peru: Mayor Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison For Ordering Radio Journalist’s Murder
[read the RSF article] Dec 16

Sweden Nixes Digital Radio
[read the UPI article] [read the Local article] Dec 15

Top Namibian Broadcasting Corporation Resigns
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Dec 15

HD Radio Figures Prominently At CES ’06 In Vegas
[read the RadioInk article] Dec 15

Angolan Radio Station Faults Limits On Range
[read the Boston Globe article] Dec 15

Jean Shepherd of ‘A Christmas Story’: Radio Storyteller, Practical Joker
[read the Valley City Times Record article] Dec 15

More Australians Tune In To Commercial Radio At Breakfast
[read the ABU article] Dec 15

CBS To Re-Brand Its Radio Division
[read the AP article] Dec 15

New York: Bob Grant Out At WOR
[read the New York Post article] Dec 15

Uzbek Foreign Ministry Denies Accreditation To Radio Liberty’s Tashkent Bureau
[read the Ferghana article] [read the CPJ article] Dec 13

India: 50 Per Cent Of Population To Be Covered By FM Radio In Tenth Plan
[read the press release article] Dec 13

Commentary: Where Is Talk About HD Radio?
[read the Audio Graphics article] Dec 13

HD Radio Scorecard
[read the Billboard article] Dec 13

Radio One Sits Out HD2 Alliance
[read the Billboard article] Dec 13

Rwanda: French Without Tears, Please (RFI)
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Dec 13

Satellite Radio Will Be A Hit With Canadians, Report Says
[read the Globe & Mail article] Dec 13

US On The Attack In information War
[read the NYT article] Dec 12

IBOC: Tuning In Satellite-Free Digital Radio
[read the LA Times article] Dec 12

Competition Heats Up Between Satellite Radio Services
[read the Boston Globe article] Dec 12

Limbaugh Crowned No. 1 In Talk Radio Again
[read the UPI article] Dec 12

Kalista CD Player Takes On Vinyl
Yikes... $23,000 to achieve that old analog sound. Does anyone else see anything else wrong with this besides the insane price tag? [read the OhGizmo article] Dec 12

India: AIR Hyderabad Emergency Droadcasts (Cyclone Fanoos)
[read the Hard Core DX article] Dec 10

NTIA Seeks to Curtail Use of Out-of-band Frequencies by Broadcasters
[read the NASB article] Dec 10

Amateur Radio: Gerritsen Convicted on All Counts in Radio Jamming Case
[read the ARRL article] Dec 10

California: Ham Radio Antenna Proposal Sent Back To City Staff
[read the NCTimes article] Dec 10

Kathleen Abernathy's FCC Farewell
[read the R&R article] Dec 10

Canada: Radio Host Charged With Fraud
[read the Toronto Star article] Dec 10

Commentary: TV - The Inalienable Right To A Remote
The government kicking in for HDTV converter boxes. [read the George Will Commentary] Dec 10

A Nongovernmental Radio Broadcast Beamed At North Korea Sent Its First Program
[read the Daily NK article] Dec 8

Nepalese Court Allows BBC Relay
[read the BBC News article] Dec 8

Emmis Research Detects 'iPod Fatigue'
Perhaps some wishful thinking. [read the Billboard article] Dec 8

Bangladesh: Community Radio To Play Key Role In Rural Development
[read the Daily Star article] Dec 8

WorldSpace Satellite Radio Reaches 100,000 Subscribers
[read the Press Release article] Dec 8

Libya: International Satellite Broadcasts Disrupted In Order To Jam London-Based Radio Station
[read the RSF article] Dec 8

Pakistan: 90 Illegal FM Radio Stations In North West Frontier Province
[read the Daily Times article] Dec 8

Retailers, Listeners Confused About HD Radio
[read the Radio World article] Dec 8

Radio Broadcasters Must 'Save Ourselves From Obsolescence'
The boogie man is coming! The boogie man is coming![read the R&R article] Dec 8

‘Ed Schultz Show’ Finally Hits Armed Forces Radio Airwaves Daily
[read the Stars & Stripes article] Dec 8

U.S. Radio Industry To Promote Digital Radio
Good grief... more CD audio quality myth propaganda. I beginning to believe that the people who write these articles are either hearing impaired or went to the Jimmy Olsen School of Journalism. [read the Reuters article] [read the AP article] At least Radio & Records doesn't fall for the CD audio quality PR BS [read the R&R article] and neither does Radio World [read the Radio World article] Dec 7

HD Channels Will Be Locally Programmed
[read the Radio & Records article] Dec 7

New UK magazine For SWL's Will Be Called 'Short Wave'
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Dec 7

Indonesian Broadcasting Regulations Put On Hold
[read the ABU article] Dec 7

RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs
This is probably not far off... [read the Onion article] For those that don't know, this is a comedy article. TKS to Ernie AA3GV Dec 7

Clear Channel Answering Satellite Radio With HD Rollout
[read the Cincinnati Business Courier article] Dec 6

Young People Prefer MP3 Players Over Radio
[read the UPI article] Dec 6

BBC Radio Stations Taken Off Air
[read the BBC News article] Dec 6

In Radio, Iraq Women Are Raising Their Voices
[read the WomanENews article] Dec 6

Radio Jingle Millionaire William Tanner Dies
This guy was a real character... [read the R&R article] Dec 6

Philippines: Radio Lournalist Shot Dead
[read the RSF article] Dec 6

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) - 70 Years Of Broadcasting
[read the BIZCommunity article] Dec 5

iBiquity CEO Says It's Time To Sell HD Radios
I love this headline. The iBiquity PR machine is hard at work hustling the guys at Reuters. I wonder what kind of golden parachute this CEO has? [read the Reuters article] Dec 5

Amateur Radio: FCC Affirms $42,000 in Fines in Radio Jamming Case
[read the ARRL article] Dec 5

ARRL, FCC Continue BPL "Interference Resolution" Database Debate
[read the ARRL article] Dec 5

Pirate Radio Broadcasters Fined
[read the Wimbledon Guardian article] Dec 5

For Pakistani Quake Victims, Tiny Radio Station Is A Lifeline
[read the LA Times article] Dec 5

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending November 30, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Dec 2

Nigeria: Government Shuts Down Radio Station, Arrests General Manager
[read the IFEX article] [read the Nigeria Daily Independent] [read the AllAfrica.com article] [read the Tide article] Dec 2

Satellite Radio On The Air In Canada
[read the CBC article] Dec 2

SIRIUS Canada Kicks Off Satellite Radio Service in Canada with Concerts in Toronto and Montreal
[read the Channel Canada article] Dec 2

South Africa - Amateur Radio: Airwaves crackle Between Hermanus Magnetic Observatory And Antarctica
[read the News 24 article] Dec 2

Clear Channel Remaking Itself as Digital Radio Company
Hello stock holders! [read the Marketing Vox article] Dec 2

Radio One Planning To Launch A National Black Talk Radio Network
[read the AP article] Dec 2

Boston Acoustics Ships HD Radio Unit
[read the Designtechnica article] Dec 2

Disney's Radio Days Nearing A Close
[read the Radio Ink article] Dec 2

Nepal Government Defies Court, Switches Off BBC Radio
[read the Webindia123 article] Dec 1

Indiana: High-Definition Radio Has Sound Future
Look out... Jimmy Olsen is loose again. College journalism at it's finest. Mucho IBOC hype on the great CD audio quality we can look forward to hearing and the endless possibilities of a secondary audio channel or multiple streams. Jimmy, the additional audio channels comes at a cost. More compression. Compression = digital artifacts (when this garbage already exists with a single stream). Digital artifacts = crappy audio and NOT CD quality. Your professor is wrong. Be a good college student and question authority. [read the Indiana Daily Student article] Dec 1

Radio: You Shouldn't Have to Pay for It Advertisements
[read the Radio World article] [read the R&R article] [download the NAB MP3s] Dec 1

Spain: Catalan Nationalists Call For The Closure Of The COPE Radio Station
[read the ypicallyspanish article] Dec 1

ERC answers COPE Radio Manifesto With Attack On Headquarters
[read the Spain Herald article] Dec 1

Chad: Radio Director Freed But Faces Expulsion From Country
[read the CPJ article] Dec 1

Editorial: Dead Air At The FCC
[read the Toledo Blade article] Dec 1

Manassas BPL System Doesn't Comply with Database Rules, ARRL Says
[read the ARRL article] Nov 29

XM and Sirius in Pitched Battle For Satellite Radio Subscribers
[read the Washington Post article] Nov 29

Ham Radio Operators Play Key Role
[read the Edwardsville Intelligencer article] Nov 29

FCC Names Chair For Hurricane Impact Investigation
[read the R&R article] Nov 29

S&P Says: Stern, Sirius Won't Overtake XM
[read the Radio Ink article] Nov 29

On the FM Dial, Rock Is Sliding Away
[read the Washington Post article] Nov 29

WEWN (EWTN): Nun Overcomes Adversity To Found Network
[read the Asbury Park Press article] Nov 28

Nepal: Radio Sagarmatha Goes Off Air, Four Journos Still In Custody
Was airing BBC at the time of raid. [read the Nepal News article] [read the Bloomberg article] Nov 28

New Mexico: How Not to Run a Radio Station
Some of this is pretty funny but true... [read the New West Network article] Nov 28

Florida: Man Pleads Guilty In Radio Piracy Case
[read the Sun-Sentinel article] Nov 27

League Says BPL Group Should Embrace, Not Reject, Recent ARRL Proposals
[read the ARRL article] Nov 27

Radio And Its Part In The Spanish Civil War
[read the Round Town News article] Nov 27

Indiana: School Radio Stations Face Competition Over Licenses
[read the NYT article] tks Blair for link. Nov 27

Uganda: Government Bans Radio Stations From Debating Opposition Leader’s Trial
[read the RSF article] Nov 27

Democracy Radio for West Africa
[read the AllAfrica article] Nov 24

Brij Lal, Veteran Indian American Broadcaster, Dead
Worked at All India Radio and VOA [read the New Kerala article] Nov 24

Radio Free Asia: Broadcaster Knows The Power Of News
[read the Washington Times article] Nov 22

The Guard Shack Caper: FCC Fines Missouri Station
[read the Radio World article] Nov 22

NAB Opposes Proposed Low-Power
AM Service

Gee... who would of figured? [read the R&R article] Nov 22

Cuba Calls For United Front To Confront Western Media Influence
[read the Bernama article] Nov 22

Burma’s Information Minister Slams Western Media
[read the Irrawaddy article] Nov 22

Two Philippine Journalists Shot And Killed In Three Days
[read the CPJ article] Nov 22

Malaysia: Tuned In
A neat article, once you ignore the minor errors, that could be about anyone who reads this webpage. [read the Malaysia Star article] Nov 21

California: Ham-Radio Operator Denied Tower In Yard
The villiage idiots have decided... state and federal regulations don't apply to the ultra super supreme commissioners' rule! Che shirts for everyone! [read the San Bernardino Sun article] Nov 21

Illinois: Amateur Radio - Radio Tower Plan Is Still Up In The Air
More tales of the village idiots... [read the Edwardsville Intelligencer article] Nov 21

Mississippi: WQRZ - Gulf LPFM Airs Emergency News
[read the Radio World article] Nov 21

Pakistan Censors 'Critical' BBC Coverage Of Earthquake Relief Efforts
[read the Telegraph article] Nov 21

Commentary: It's Getting Harder To Stay Out Of Touch
[read the Advocate article] Nov 21

Ohio: Officials Deciding Whether To Repair Former VOA Site
[read the AP article] [read the Cincinnati Enquirer article] Nov 21

Zimbabwe: Exiled Journalists Struggle To Keep Their Voices Heard
[read the IndexOnLine article] Nov 21

Thailand: Nationwide Effort Starts To Save BBC Thai
[read the Bangkok Post article] Nov 18

Radio, TV Pioneer Ralph Edwards Dies At 92
[read the AP article] Nov 18

Wall Street, K Street Mull Delays to Full FCC House
[read the Billboard article] Nov 18

FCC Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy Steps Down
[read the R&R article] Nov 18

Mississippi: Ole Miss Senior Murdered, ARO KD5QBA
[read the WLBT article] Nov 18

Dell DJ Satellite (XM) Radio/MP3 Player
[read the Gizmodo article] Nov 18

Senegal: Station Aims To Become Regional Hub For Democratic Radio - West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR)
[read the IJNet article] Nov 17

Botswana: Voice Of America Programme Content Under Assessment
[read the Daily News article] Nov 17

Amateur Radio: ARRL Files Regulation-by-Bandwidth Petition with FCC
[read the ARRL article] Nov 17

HAARP Project Proceeds; Said to Be Record-Setting HF Project
[read the Radio World article] Nov 17

Amateur Radio Responds as Storm Spawn Rash of Tornadoes
[read the ARRL article] Nov 17

XM Canada Unveils Programming Lineup
[read the Channel Canada article] Nov 17

Report: In 'Dark Year' For Press Freedom, Asia is the Worst
[read the Editor & Publisher article] Nov 17

Kenya: Vernacular Radio Station Shut
[read the Standard article] Nov 17

FCC Indecency Actions Uneven
[read the Radio World article] Nov 17

IBOC Turned on in Philippines; BE Continues Activities Abroad
[read the Radio World article] [read the BE article] Nov 17

BBC Urdu Taken Of Pakistan Radio
This is the kind of thing where shortwave proves it's usefulness. Shortwave crosses borders, radios can be inexpensive and most of all it works. [read the BBC News article] Nov 15

Ethiopians In Washington Protest For And Against VOA
[read the VOA News article] Nov 15

US May Expand Broadcasts To North Korea
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Nov 15

Thai Language Service: BBC ‘Mistaken’ About Popularity
[read the Nation article] Nov 15

Axeing of BBC Thai Service May Hurt UK
[read the Bangkok Post article] Nov 15

New Zealand Radio Stations Sound Out Digital Options
[read the Sydney Morning Herald article] Nov 15

Maryland: Annapolis City Boy Impaled On Radio Antenna
Gee... I guess that's why they put those tips on antennas. [read the Captial article] Nov 15

Zimbabwe: "State Sabotage" of Radio Station’s Broadcasts (Voice of the People)
[read the RSF article] Nov 13

Somalia: Beware Of Pirate SOS Calls
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Nov 13

Ethiopia: US Broadcasting Board of Governors Asked to Take Measures Against VOA Amharic Service Staff
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Nov 13

Indiana Tornado "Like a Thief in the Night," Ham Radio Volunteer Says
[read the ARRL article] Nov 13

New HD Radio Web Site Debuts
The press release says "unbiased" yet there are no mentions on the web site as to the flaws of HD radio. For example, how multicasting will degrade the digital audio quality, how HD radio chews up large portions of the AM band with digital hash while listening in analog mode, nothing about digital artifacts due to compression and how iBiquity holds the monopoly to HD FM radio thanks to their pals at the FCC. Instead the near CD audio quality flag is raised, which is over hyped in every new digital audio mode that comes along, and of course the greatness of HD radio. You read... you decide. [read the read the press release] [go HD-Radio-Home.com webpage] Nov 13

Radio Industry Error: Depending On HD
A must read... [read the Audio Graphics article] Nov 13

New HD Radio Ready For Rapid Expansion
[read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article] Nov 13

Amateur Radio: Baxter K1MAN Calls NAL 'Silly and Anaemic'
[read the Southgate ARC article] Nov 13

BPL: Riding the Sine Wave
This is a good BPL read. [read the EDN article] Nov 13

Broadcast Officials Defend US-Funded Arab Television
[read the VOA News article] Nov 13

WorldSpace: $2.4 Million in Revenue, $15.4 Million Net Loss in Q3
Yikes! [read the Radio World article] Nov 13

In Thailand, Criminal Charges Threaten Community Radio Stations
[read the CPJ article] Nov 10

Review: Tivoli Audio iSongBook
[read the Playlist article] Nov 10

Digital Radio Still Hard To Hear
[read the CNet article] Nov 10

Opinion: Rebranding Voice of Nigeria
[read the Daily Sun article] Nov 9

Former VOA Czech Service Announcer - Ivan Medek: I'm Doing Fine, Thanks!
[read the Prague Tribune article] Nov 9

Togo: Radio France Internationale Back On Air
[read the IRIN article] Nov 9

South Africa: Icasa Closes Down Orania Radio Station
[read the SABC article] [read the Reuters article] Nov 9

Paul Harvey Receives Highest Civilian Award
[read the Radio World article] Nov 9

A Fond Farewell To The United Radio Broadcasters Of New Orleans
[read the Times Picayune article] via RW Nov 8

Jean Shepherd: Remembering Radio Fame
[read the Munster Times article] Nov 8

South Africa: Shoestring Radio Station Hit The Airwaves
[read the Zoutnet article] Nov 8

Swaziland: Politics Banned In Community Radios
[read the Swazi Observer article] Nov 8

Missouri Radio Talk Show Host Indicted For Murder Of Wife
[read the St Louis Post Dispatch article] Nov 8

Radio Reporter Badly Beaten By Some 30 Mexico City Police
[read the RSF article] Nov 8

Thailand: State Denies (VOA) Relay Station In Udon Thani Is Secret Prison
[read the Bangkok Post article] [read the Ninemsn article] Nov 7

The United Power Line Council To FCC: Shut Down ARRL BPL Objection
Gotta love this propaganda line, "the ARRL continued its campaign against the alleged interference by emerging BPL systems". Alledged interference? Point blank fellas... your ass backward Fred Flintstone shit technology causes interference. [read the Telecomweb article] Nov 7

Kenneth Tomlinson: Suspicion Surrounds Former TV Executive
[read the New York Times article] [read the LA Times article] Nov 7

China: Pirate Radio - 'Bull' Leads Charge Of Radio Rebels
[read the Standard article] Nov 7

'Sea Breeze' Radio Reaches Out To Japanese Abductees In North Korea
[read the Mainichi Daily News] Nov 7

Pirates Of The Airwaves Are Raided In War On Inner-City Drug Gangs
[read the Times article] Nov 7

The RIAA's Digital Radio Copy Protection Proposal; Plugging the "Analog Hole."
[read the Stereophile article] Nov 7

Vatican Radio Gets a New Director General
[read the Zenit article] Nov 7

Robber Sentenced After Bragging On Radio
[read the UPI article] Nov 7

Analogue Radio In The Netherlands To End In 2015
[read the Media Network weblog article] Nov 4

Long Wave: LF Experimentation By Radio Amateurs Continues Quietly
[read the ARRL article] Nov 4

Ofcom Gets Tough On London Pirates
[read the UKRadio.com article] Nov 4

Crack Down On Pirate Radio After City Riots
[read the Reuters article] Nov 4

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending November 1, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Nov 4

Thailand: Operator Can't Fathom Why Government Closed Station
[read the Bangkok Post article] Nov 4

Former CPB Chairman Ken Tomlinson Resigns
[read the Broadcasting & Cable article] Nov 4

UN Launches Free Radio News Service For US Market
[read the press release] Nov 3

House Bills Take Aim At Digital Radio Piracy
[read the Billboard article] Nov 3

Ethiopia: Coalition for Unity and Democracy Declares VOA, Deutsche Welle Radio Main Propaganda Outlets
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Nov 2

Amateur Radio: Meaningful Entry-Level License Privileges are Top Priority, ARRL Says
[read the ARRL article] Nov 2

Japanese Try to Contact Abductees in North Korea by Radio
[read the VOA News article] Nov 2

Ham Operators, Authorities Join Forces For 'Emergency'
[read the Brockville Recorder and Times article] Nov 2

New York: (Amateur) Radio Group Guards Thruway Bridges On Halloween
[read the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article] Nov 2

Thailand: Farmer Ready To Fight Radio Station Closure
[read the Bangkok Post article] Nov 2

HD Radio Remaking Airwaves
CD quality? hahaha! You can tell this guy hasn't been listening. [read the Indy Star article] Nov 2

Radio New Zealand Charter Review Close
[read the Stuff article] Nov 2

Sri Lanka: State Radio Boss Vows To Take Legal Action Against ColomboPage
[read the ColomboPage article] [read the article that started this] Nov 2

Sierra Leone State-Owned Radio, TV Heads Private (SLBS)
[read the Angola Press article] Nov 2

Jack Shellenberger Dies; Foreign Service Officer, VOA Editor
[read the Washington Post Obit] Nov 2

FCC Chairman's Wife May Testify In Libby Trial
[read the Billboard article] Nov 2

WorldSpace Delivers 'Voice From Home' to US and Coalition Forces
[read the Media Network weblog article] Nov 2

U.S. Steps Up Radio-Electronic Aggression Against Cuba
[read the Granma article] Nov 1

India: AIR Shift From 3 To 5 MHz Delayed While Awaiting Clearance
[read the DXAsia.info article] Nov 1

Birmingham: Pirate Radio Disappearance
Pirate radio blamed for riots in Birmingham. [read the More 4 article/see video] Nov 1

Controversial Radio Station Appeals CRTC Decision To Supreme Court (CHOI-FM)
[read the CP article] Nov 1

FCC Considers Low-Power AM Proposals
[read the Radio World article] Nov 1

CBC Ombudsman David Bazay Dies Suddenly
[read the CBC News article] Nov 1

BBC: How Money Makes The World Service Go Round
[read the Guardian article] Oct 31

VOA Expands Programming to Africa
[read the VOA News article] Oct 31

Inaugural Broadcast To Japanese Abductees In North Korea Observed
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Oct 31

Nepal: Implications Of State Clampdown On Private Media
[read the Asia Tribune article] Oct 31

Amateur Radio Operators Deserve Kudos After Recent Crisis Situations
[read the Trenton Times article] Oct 31

FM Radio - Rebuilding Lives In Kashmir
[read the Hoot article] Oct 31

Eight Years Of Westway End
[read the BBC News article] [read the BBC News article #2] Oct 29

Congressional Panel Examines Broadcasting to North Korea
[read the VOA News article] Oct 29

DRM Playing Havoc Worldwide
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Oct 29

Sirius Spars With Fox News
[read the Reuters article] Oct 29

Broadcast Electronics Intros HD Radio to New Zealand
[read the Radio Currents article] Oct 29

Citizens Group To Broadcast Messages To Abductees In North Korea
[read the Asahi Shimbun article] Oct 28

World Space: Satellite Radio For The Rest Of The World, If They'll Listen
[read the AP article] Oct 28

Sri Lanka's State Radio Boss Switched Off Transmissions In Rural Areas
[read the Colombo Page article] Oct 28

BBC Shuts Uzbek Office Over "Intimidation"
[read the Media Network weblog article] Oct 27

Analysis: BBC's Voice In Europe
[read the BBC News article] Oct 27

Florida Amateur Radio Volunteers Answer the Call
[read the ARRL article] Oct 27

Amateur Radio: New Foundation License, Amateur Regulatory Changes Introduced in Australia
[read the ARRL article] Oct 27

Pakistan: Urgent Need For Emergency Radio For Quake Survivors
[read the IRIN article] Oct 27

Massachusetts: High School Radio Station Appeals Loss Of Frequency
[read the Boston Globe article] Oct 27

Utah: Radio Host Fired After Making Questionable Quip
[read the AP article] Oct 27

Nepal Threatens To Close Popular Private Radio Station
[read the Khaleej Times article] Oct 27

Amateur Radio: Deadline is October 31 to File Comments in FCC "Morse Code"
[read the ARRL article] Oct 26

BBC World Service To Launch Arabic TV Channel
Many language cuts for radio service. [read the Reuters article] Oct 26

BBC World Service Announces Major Shift in Resources
[read the Media Network weblog article] Oct 26

Commentary: London Calling - The Arab World Needs Objective Reporting
[read the London Times article] Oct 26

MARCONI Transmission Comes To An End
[read the FT article] Oct 26

Bud Light Radio Ad Offends Low-Fare Airlines, Pilots
[read the WSJ article] Oct 26

VOA Engineer Anna L. Case Dies
[read the Washington Post Obit] [read the Radio World article] Oct 26

BBC Expected To Announce Closing Of Czech Service Tuesday
[read the Prague Daily Monitor article] Oct 25

Thailand: We Need You More Than Ever, Fans Tell BBC
[read the Nation article] Oct 25

Amateur Radio on the Job as Wilma Hits Florida
[read the ARRL article] Oct 25

Amateur Radio: Mastering The Original Form Of Wireless Communication
[read the Los Angeles Daily News article] Oct 25

Angola: Unita Wants New Body To Oversee Public Media
[read the journalism.co.za article] Oct 25

Nepal: News Banned From Radio As King Purges Media
[read the Guardian article] Oct 25

California: Talk Radio Host, Producer Sue KNBR Over Firing
[read the San Francisco Chronicle article] Oct 25

Gambia: Radio Station Shut Down
[read the News 24 article] Oct 25

Stones Voice Support For Terrestrial Radio
[read the Billboard article] Oct 25

Should Radio Be 'First Responders'?
[read the Radio World article] Oct 25

Nigeria: Private Broadcaster Shut Down Over Plane Crash Coverage
[read the IFEX article] [read the CPJ article] Oct 25

Ft. Myers Radio Readies For Wilma
[read the Billboard article] Oct 24

Indonesia: 'RRI' Ex-Director On Graft Trial
[read the Jakarta Post article] Oct 24

BBC World Service Organising Roadshows In Uganda
[read the IndianTelevision article] Oct 24

New York: Local Ham Radio Operaters Listen to The Sounds of the Storm
[read the WHAM article] Oct 24

HD Radio: A Sound Future
Don't know if I believe all this mumbo jumbo about CD audio quality. XM claims pretty much the same thing and it too fails to deliver in the AQ field, especially for talk radio streams which are compressed to the point where they sound like a low speed real audio files (about 16 kbs or worse). Can you say digital artifacts galore? [read the Indianapolis Star article] Oct 24

Letter To The Editor: Pirate Radio May Be Interesting, But It Broadcasts Trouble, Too
[read the Boston Globe article] Oct 24

BPL: FCC Complaint Filed On Manassas Service
[read the Times Dispatch article] Oct 24

Nepal King Declares All-Out War On Media
[read the Deccan Herald article] Oct 24

Amateur Radio: "Uncooperative" Hurricane Wilma Alters Activation Plans
[read the ARRL article] Oct 22

Pakistan & India: Some Amateur Radio Activity Reported In Earthquake's Aftermath
[read the ARRL article] Oct 22

Pakistan's Quake-Hit Areas To Have FM Radio Stations
[read the IRNA article] Oct 22

Massachusetts: Preserving Chatham's Wireless Past
[read the Cap Codder article] Oct 22

Short Wave Magazine To Become Radio User Magazine
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Oct 22

RFI: Your Fence Is Interfering With Ham Radio
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Oct 22

Police Raid Nepal Private Radio Station
[read the AP article] Oct 22

Georgia: Camden County Amateur Radio Society Shares Its Enthusiasm For Radio Communications With Area Scouts
[read the Camden County Tribune article] Oct 22

CBC Radio Host Alexis Mazurin Dies
[read the CBC article] Oct 22

Mary Lou Finlay: Veteran CBC Radio Host Retiring
Host of "As It Happens". [read the CP article] Oct 22

Satellite Radio Moves Northward: XM Canada Prepares to Launch
[read the Radio.about.com article] Oct 22

BBC: The Move is On
[read the Manchester Evening News article] Oct 22

Amateur Radio Continues to Prepare for Wilma's Arrival
[read the ARRL article] Oct 21

Mixed Signals - The Increasing Complexity Of Digital Radio Broadcasting
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Oct 21

India: Rural Voices Set To Rule Rural Airwaves
[read the Ahmedabad Newsline article] Oct 21

The 2005 World Press Freedom Index
[read the CNW article] [read the RSF list] Oct 21

Scanner: Police Call King Calls It Quits
[read the Wired article] Oct 21

Who Will Be The Next Howard Stern?
[read the AP article] Oct 21

Hurricane Wilma: Amateur Radio Weather Watchers On Alert As Record-Setting Hurricane Heads Toward US
[read the ARRL article] Oct 20

Zimbabwe’s Exiled Press
[read the CPJ article] Oct 20

Australia: The Air Is Thick With Mixed Signals On Digital Radio
[read the Australian article] Oct 20

Fans Rally Behind BBC Thai Radio
[read the Nation article] Oct 20

(Amateur) Radio Operators Tune In For Fun And In Crisis
[read the Union Democrat article] Oct 20

Editorial: Keeping Al Jazeera In Check
[read the Washington Times article] Oct 20

India: FM - Building The Radio Brand
[read the Hindu article] Oct 20

Ofcom Seeks To Head Off Legal Challenge On Digital Radio
[read the Guardian article] Oct 20

Digital Radio To Reach All Of UK
[read the BBC News article] Oct 20

Massachusetts: Divine Intervention Axes School Station
[read the Boston Herald article] Oct 20

Senegal Government Temporarily Silences Private Radio Station
[read the VOA News article] Oct 19

(Former Hostage) Waite's Dismay At Loss Of Radio Show That Kept Him Alive (Outlook)
[read the Telegraph article] Oct 19

New Agent of Change in North Korea: Cellphones
[read the Seoul Times article] Oct 19

New ARRL Petition Seeks to Resolve BPL Standoff
[read the ARRL article] Oct 19

Australia Chooses Eureka-147
[read the Radio World article] Oct 19

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending October 15, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Oct 19

Liberal Talk Show Yanked From Armed Forces Radio Before Debut (Ed Schultz)
[read the MTV article] [read the Washington Post article] Oct 19

Longtime (Oakland) A's Radio Announcer Bill King Dies
[read the San Diego Union Tribune article] Oct 19

Iowa: Radio Tower Bends, Forces Evacuation
[read the KCRG article] Oct 19

New York City: Jack Gets Sacked (WCBS FM)
[read the NY Post article] Oct 19

BBC To Stop Thai Service
[read the Nation article] Oct 17

Cuba Protests US 'Propaganda' Against Castro
[read the AP article] Oct 17

Deutsche Welle Broadcasts Build Tension Between Berlin and Moscow
[read the AXcess News article] Oct 17

Australia: Digital Radio - Bush Left Behind
[read the Sydney Morning Herald article] Oct 17

Editorial: Israel's Unheard Voice
Editorial on cuts to the Israel Broadcasting Authority (Kol Israel) [read the Jersusalem Post article] Oct 15

ARRL Objects to Limits on Licensee Access to BPL Interference Resolution Site
[read the ARRL article] Oct 15

KRT-North Korea Celebrates 60th Anniversary
[read the ABU article] Oct 15

In An Emergency, A Good Radio Is Indispensable
[read the Hartford Courant article] Oct 15

Paraguay: Local Mayor Beats Up Community Radio Manager, Puts Gun To His Head
[read the RSF article] Oct 15

New Jersey: Pirate Radio Station Interferes With WMSC Frequency Waves
[read the Montclarion Online article] Oct 15

John Peel Day Kicks Off
[read the Virgin article] Oct 15

Pirate Magazine From The 70s
[read the UKRadio article] Oct 15

Broadcast Jamming Continues in Post Cold-War World
[read the VOA News article] Oct 14

ARRL Calls on FCC to Shut Down Virginia BPL System
[read the ARRL article] Oct 14

Australia: Radio Set For Digital Revolution
[read the Australian article] Oct 14

iBiquity Digital Launches HD Radio Upgrade Program on eBay
[read the press release] Oct 14

Mexican Authorities Detain Secretary In Investigation Of Radio Journalist's Slaying
[read the Pravda article] Oct 14

BBC Scotland Broadcasting House Premises And Land Go On Sale
[read the Film & Video article] Oct 14

Independent Radio Journalist Arrested in Cambodia
[read the VOA News article] Oct 13

iBiquity Digital Opens Taiwan Office
[read the ECN Asia article] Oct 13

iBiquity: Chinese Manufacturers Licensed For HD Radio
[read the R&R article] Oct 13

New Radio Free Asia Director Draws On Rich Heritage
[read the Taipei Times article] Oct 13

Russia Angered by Deutsche Welle Broadcasts in Belarus
[read the MOSNEWS article] Oct 12

BBC/Deutsche Welle Schedule Changes Due To Earthquake Emergency
[read the DXAsia.info article] Oct 12

Sada-e-Hurriyat Goes Off The Air
[read the IRNA article] Oct 12

Amateur Radio Hurricane Recovery Operations Winding Down
[read the ARRL article] Oct 12

Grand Ole Opry Radio Show Turns 80
[read the UPI article] Oct 12

Clear Channel Fires Staffers
Following Payola Investigation

[read the R&R article] Oct 12

Indian Minister Calls For Licence Fee For Radio And Television
[read the Digital Opportunity Channel article] Oct 11

CVC Increases DRM Broadcasts
[read the UKRadio article] Oct 11

Attack of Jack Radio
[read the U.S. News & World Report article] Oct 11

John Peel's Death
[read the Telegraph article] Oct 11

Radio Is Changing, But Right Still Rules
[read the Knight Ridder article] Oct 11

Ibiquity Develops Receiver Reference Platform
[read the Radio World article] Oct 11

WorldSpace Stumbles
[read the Washington Post article] Oct 11

WINS 1010 AM: Nation's No. 1 News Radio Station Turns 40
[read the AP article] Oct 10

Tom Cheek: Blue Jays Mourn Passing Of Radio Legend
[read the CNW article] [read the Toronto Star article] Oct 10

Amateur Radio: An Apology From Motorola - Kind Of
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Oct 8

London DRM Tests To Start "Very Early Next Year"
[read the Media Network weblog article] Oct 8

Amateur Radio "Saved the Day" in Mississippi; Rita Recovery Continues in Texas
[read the ARRL article] Oct 8

Tune In To CB Radio And You'll Find That It Still Rules On The Road
[read the Detroit Free Press article] Oct 8

Commentary: A Hard Sell - Marketing Digital AM Broadcasting
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Oct 7

174 FM Radio Stations Broadcast In 18 Arab Countries
[read the AME Info article] Oct 7

Record Companies Wage Legal Battle With Portable Satellite Radio Players
[read the AHN article] [read the CNN article] Oct 7

Wisconsin: TV Tower Wires Kill 400 Birds in One Night
[read the AP article] Oct 7

New Orleans FMs Return To Regular Programming
[read the R&R article] Oct 7

New Orleans: WWL Web Site Chosen By Library Of Congress
[read the Billboard article] Oct 7

Pennsylvania Utility Cites Unfavorable Economics in Ending BPL Trial
[read the ARRL article] Oct 6

Objections To 'Distortion-Free' Switchdigital DAB Radio Ad Upheld
[read the Revolution article] Oct 6

India: AIR Finalises Move From 3 MHz To 5 MHz
[read the DXAsia article] Oct 6

Harris Successfully Demonstrates DRM Broadcast For Voice Of Vietnam
[read the broadcastbuyer.tv article] Oct 6

China: Hong Kong - Radio Rebels Face Probe After Illegal Broadcast
[read the South China Morning Post article] Oct 6

Amateur Radio: More than 100 Hams Still Volunteering in Hurricane-Hit States
[read the ARRL article] Oct 6

'Radio Was a Lifesaving Service'
[read the Radio World article] Oct 6

Ibiquity: Three Leading Brazilian Radio Broadcasters Use Harris Transmitters and Combining Methods to Cost-Effectively Launch Country's First HD Radio Broadcasts
[read the press release] Oct 6

Radio Sweden Changes In The Schedule For 2006
[read the Media Network weblog article] Oct 6

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending September 30, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Oct 6

Namibia: Community Radio Back On Air
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Oct 6

Thailand: National Broadcasting Commission To Make Community Radio First Priority
[read the Bangkok Post article] Oct 6

Hilmer Swanson, AM Innovator, Remembered
[read the Radio World article] Oct 6

The Top 10 Scary Radio Moments of 2005
[read the Radio.about.com article] Oct 6

TV: Malaysia To Shut Down Analogue Services In 2015
[read the ABU article] Oct 6

Japan To North Korea: Shortwave Eyed To Reach Out To Abductees
[read the Japan Times article] Oct 5

Tennessee: Ham Radio Operators Help Direct Remote Rescue
[read the WVLT TV article/see the video] Oct 5

Katrina Response Marred By Communication Failures
[read the Federal Times article] Oct 5

Amateur Radio Hurricane Volunteers Needed in Louisiana, Texas
[read the ARRL article] Oct 5

Arizona: Radio Station Withstands FCC Probe
[read the Payson Roundup article] Oct 5

Amateur Radio: FCC Orders License Revocation Hearing for Convicted Felon
[read the ARRL article] Oct 5

Robert Hanson, Last Memphis Belle Crew Member (Radio Operator), Dies
[read the AP article] Oct 5

Feinstein To Stay As (Navy) Football Commentator
Bravo! Feinstein is a real class act. He knew he made a mistake and appologized. [read the AP article] [read the Washington Post article] Oct 5

New Orleans Radio Rebuilds
[read the Billboard article] Oct 5

Network Accuser Sirus Of Racial, Religious Bias
[read the Newsday article] Oct 5

Amateur Radio Remains "Only Viable Means" of Communication in Some Areas
[read the ARRL article] Oct 4

Heil Sound: Booming Sound Business Makes Noise In Fairview
[read the Belleville News-Democrat article] Oct 4

CBC: Canadian Public Broadcaster, Locked-out Employees Reach Memorandum Of Agreement
[read the Xinhua article] Oct 4

Morse Code: Old And New Get The Message Across
[read the Orange Central Western Daily article] Oct 3

Washington: Amateur Radio Skills Tested In Case Of Emergency
[read the Olympian article] Oct 3

Radio Provides Lifeline To Hurricane Victims
Outstanding article... [read the Reuters article] Oct 1

Vatican Radio's High-Power Antennas Stand Accused Of Causing Cancer
[read the IEEE Spectrum article] Oct 1

ARRL COO Testifies On Capitol Hill To Amateur Radio's Value in Disasters
[read the ARRL article] Oct 1

Why Stations On Car Radios Can Get Fuzzy
[read the Mercury News article] Oct 1

Rwanda: Radio Man Denies Genocide Charges
[read the BBC News article] [read the Reuters article] Oct 1

Radio-Canada In Hot Water Over Racial Comments
[read the Globe & Mail article] Oct 1

BBC's Digital Radio Expansion Plan Will Bring Around 1.2 million People Into National DAB To Coverage
[read the InfoSat article] Oct 1

'Radio Ham' Aids Hurricane Relief Efforts
[read the Mendocino Beacon article] Sep 30

Air America Radio: Panhandling For Survival?
[read the Radio.about.com article] Sep 30

Congressman Calls for Suspension of Talk Show Host (Bill Bennett) over 'Black Baby' Abortion Comment
[read the CNS article] Sep 30

TV, Radio Indecency Complaints Plunge 96%
[read the Reuters article] Sep 30

Amateur Radio Volunteers Still Needed
[read the ARRL article] Sep 29

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, 'switches on' BBC FM in East Timor
[read the BBC Press Release] Sep 29

Low-Power FM Radio May Benefit From Hurricane
[read the National Journal's Insider Update article] Sep 29

Broadband Over Power Line Hype Doesn't Match Reality, According to Energy Insights Study
[read the Business Wire article] Sep 28

Sony Reorganization Detailed
Is the the end of Sony SW portables? [read the Radio World article] Sep 28

Zimbabwe, China to Strengthen Media Relations
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Sep 28

China Radio International Launches New Domestic FM Channel
[read the CRI article] Sep 28

Islamic Jihad Radio Goes Silent
[read the Jerusalem Post article] Sep 28

Palestinian Radio Station To Sue Radio Sawa
[read the Strategiy article] Sep 28

Senate Bill Aims To Expand Nation's Alert System
[read the R&R article] Sep 28

WWL/URNO Continues As Radio Rita Fades
[read the Billboard article] Sep 28

Australia: Tassie BPL's Underground Trial Unfair, Says WIA
[read the Computerworld article] Sep 27

FCC Relaxes Rules for Stations Impacted by Hurricane Rita
[read the Radio World article] Sep 27

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Picks Halpern as Chairman
[read the Bloomberg article] Sep 27

Amateur Radio Continues Hurricane Rita Response
[read the ARRL article] Sep 27

China Radio International Will Introduce Digital Broadcasts To Sri Lanka
[read the Asian Tribune article] Sep 27

Blair Admits BBC Katrina Disquiet
[read the BBC News article] Sep 27

WW II Vet Reflects On Days As Code Breaker
[read the Caledonian Record article] Sep 27

Miami Radio Personality to Run for Mayor
... was part of the crank calls to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. [read the press release] Sep 27

Bangladesh: Private Sectors Allowed To Set Up Radio Stations
[read the New Nation article] Sep 27

Rita Amateur Operations Continue
All amateurs are requested to keep HF emergency net frequencies clear for Hurricane Rita emergency operations, especially:
3.873 MHz (eves)
3.935 MHz (eves)
7.285 MHz (days)
7.290 MHz (days)
14.325 MHz
[Go to the ARRL webpage for more info] Sep 25

Willis Conover Brought Jazz, 'The Music of Freedom,' To The World
[read the VOA News article] Sep 25

Amateur Radio Operators Play Important Role During Severe Weather
[read the WVTM article] Sep 25

IARU Eyes Global Coordination of Amateur Radio's BPL/EMC Response
[read the ARRL article] Sep 25

Amateur Radio Antenna "CC&R Bill" Reintroduced in Congress
[read the ARRL article] Sep 25

BE, Ibiquity to Test HD Radio in Switzerland
[read the Radio World article] Sep 25

Hurricane Rita Shifts Houston Radio Into Information Mode
[read the R&R article] Sep 23

Amateur Radio: Hurricane Watch Net Alters Rita Activation Plans; ARES/RACES Gear Up
[read the ARRL article] Sep 23

Ham Operators Ready For Rita
[read the Herald Democrat article] Sep 23

Gadgets To Help You Through A Hurricane
[read the MSNBC article] Sep 23

Post Katrina: Full Service Radio On FM?
[read the Billboard article] Sep 23

Opinion: Exile And The Struggle For Freedom & Democracy In Nigeria - Radio Kudirat
[read the Vanguard article] Sep 23

Afghan Radio Service Provides Live Coverage of the Elections
[read the InterNews article] Sep 23

Public Radio Deal Doubles iBiquity's Station Count
[read the Baltimore Business Journal article] Sep 23

HD Radio Rollout At 500+ Stations On-Air
[read the RadioInk article] Sep 23

No HD (Radio) 'Wild West'
[read the Billboard article] Sep 23

Sony To Cut 10,000 Jobs Worldwide
[read the BBC News article] Sep 23

"Extremely Dangerous" Hurricane Rita has Amateur Radio Net on Alert
[read the ARRL article] Sep 22

For Latest On Hurricane Rita, Listen to NewsRadio 740 KTRH in Houston
[read the Radio.about.com article] Sep 22

Industry Execs Split On HD (Radio) Implementation
[read the R&R article] Sep 22

FCC To Rule On Nearly 50 Radio Indecency Complaints
[read the Billboard article] Sep 22

U.S. Troops Help Launch Afghan Radio Station
[read the US Department of Defense press release] Sep 22

Amateur Radio: FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending September 16, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Sep 22

Congressman Israel Reintroduces Emergency Legislation Alongside Broadband Wireless Operators Who Have Served Huge Role in Rescue After Katrina
[read the Broadband Wireless Exchange article] Sep 21

New Mexico: Ham Radio To Tap In If Earthquake Strikes
[read the Tribune article] Sep 21

Amateur Radio - ‘Angel Of The Sea’ : The Less Known Story Of Tsunami Hit Andaman
[read the New Kerala article] Sep 21

Australian Media Laws Out Of Date, PM Says
[read the ABU article] Sep 21

Amateur Radio: Hurricane Watch Net to Activate in Response to Tropical Storm Rita
[read the ARRL article] Sep 20

BBC Insists Katrina Coverage Impartial
[read the Daily Star article] Sep 20

Tappity Tap, Tap, Tap
[read the Modern Battlefield article] Sep 20

Murdoch Says News Corp. Has Hit a `Brick Wall' in China
[read the Bloomberg article] Sep 20

What Digital Radio Needs To Build Its Future
[read the Media Week article] Sep 20

Radio To The Rescue For Gulf Coast Updates
[read the AP article] Sep 20

Payola Scandal Again Rocking, Roiling Radio
[read the Washington Times article] Sep 20

Sierra Leone: Traditional Chiefs Threaten And Humiliate Radio Journalist
[read the RSF article] Sep 20

Sri Lanka: SLBC Reduces External Service Schedule
[read the DXAsia.info article] Sep 19

WBCQ Shortwave Radio Host Michael Ketter Hospitalized By Heart Attack
[read the RI Annex article] Sep 19

Nepal Praises China Radio Service For Enhancing Ties
[read the Xinhua article] Sep 19

Blair 'Attacked BBC Over Katrina'
[read the BBC News article] Sep 19

Blair Blasts BBC Over US 'Hatred'
[read the Scotsman article] Sep 18

Amateur Radio Earning Praise, Respect in Hurricane Katrina Relief
[read the ARRL article] Sep 18

FEMA Interoperable Radio System Fails
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Sep 18

India: Hams To The Rescue, Again
[read the Mumbai Newsline article] Sep 18

Voice of America - The Prequel
Very interesting... [read the Pulse Journal article] Sep 18

Solar Minimum Explodes
[read the PhysOrg.com article] Sep 18

Are We Near the Solar Minimum? It Looks Like the Solar Max
[read the Universe Today article] Sep 18

South Africa: Brother Killed Over Radio
File under bizarre radio stories... [read the News24 article] Sep 18

Radio Station Set Up at Hurricane Shelter
[read the VOA News article] Sep 18

Indonesia: Japan Committed To Restore RRI Banda Aceh
[read the ABU article] Sep 18

History’s Longest Running Radio Drama Series - - Unshackled! - - Will Be 55 Years Old on September 23
Often heard on shortwave [read the Religion Wire article] Sep 16

Listening To Katrina
[read the Media Network article] Sep 16

Ham Radio Volunteers Answer Call For Help
[read the Fort Wayne News Sentinel article] Sep 16

Gulf Region Remains Communications Black Hole
[read the VOA News article] Sep 16

Forty Stations Still Off; FCC Takes Steps to Assist in Relief
[read the Radio World article] Sep 16

Martin Proposes New FCC Safety/Security Bureau
[read the Billboard article] Sep 16

ARRL President Submits Congressional Testimony on Hams' Katrina Response
[read the ARRL article] Sep 16

India: Wading Through Airwaves
[read the Indian Express article] Sep 16

Payola, Online Licensing And LPFMs
[read the Billboard article] Sep 16

Cuts To BBC Czech Service Feared
[read the Prague Post article] Sep 16

Commentary: Ah, Radio Shack, We Hardly Knew Ye
[read the Georgia Straight article] Sep 16

North Carolina Hams Gear Up as Ophelia Makes Up Her Mind
[read the ARRL article] Sep 15

Ham Radio Operators Tune In Hurricane Help
[read the Christian Science Monitor article] Sep 15

New Wave Of Ham Radio Volunteers Arriving
[read the Computer World article] Sep 15

Texas: LPFM Comes to the Astrodome
[read the Radio World article] Sep 15

Afghanistan's Infotainment Revolution, Thanks To India
Shortwave broadcasts return to Afghanistan: Radio Kabul [read the IANS article] Sep 14

Solar Flares Hit Radio And Satellite Services
[read the Scotsman article] Sep 14

Amateur Radio Equipment Donations Making a Difference in Gulf Region
[read the ARRL article] Sep 14

India: Building Community On The Airwaves
[read the Indian Express article] Sep 14

Hurricane Watch Net Reaffirms Plans as Ophelia Inches Toward the Coast
[read the ARRL article] Sep 14

Utah: Rabbi Radio Host Blames Cancellation On Racism
[read the Salt Lake Tribune article] Sep 14

DRM: Hybrid Radios Set For Take-Off
[read the BBC News article] Sep 13

Hurricane Watch Net Revises Activation Plans for Fickle Ophelia
[read the ARRL article] Sep 13

Storm zone update: Ham Operator Making Connections In Mississippi
[read the Computer World article] Sep 13

Amateur Radio: Antenna Raising Ire In Grand Terrace
Ham vs Villiage Idiots [read the San Bernardino Sun article] Sep 13

Solar Storm Flares Again
[read the Brisbane Courier Mail article] Sep 13

LPFM-Friendly Bill Gets House Intro
[read the Billboard article] Sep 13

Broadband Over Power Lines Gathers Steam
[read the CommsDesign article] Sep 13

Uncertainty About Canadian Pay Radio Ends
[read the Radio World article] Sep 13

Ham Radio Gets Renewed Respect
[read the Cincinnati Enquirer article] Sep 12

Big Music Versus HD Radio
[read the P2Pnet article] Sep 12

India: Ministry To Review Community Radio Guidelines
[read the Financial Times article] Sep 12

Ham Radio Continues As Lifeline Communications
[Read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Sep 10

Ham Radio Operators Settle In To Help Victims
[Read the Computer World article] Sep 10

Ham Radio Operators Answer Cries For Help
[Read the Harrison Daily Times article] Sep 10

Lacking Phone Lines, Rescuers Turn to Ham Radio Operators
[Read the New York Times article] Sep 10

Airwaves Offer What Authorities Cannot
[Read the Globe and Mail article] Sep 10

Radio Reaches Out To Hurricane Victims
[Read the Radio & Records article] Sep 10

FCC Briefed on Extent of Devastation from Katrina
[Read the Radio Currents article] Sep 10

How Pubcasters Are Faring After Katrina
[Read the Current.org article] Sep 10

Solar Flares Could Create Communications Woes
[read the GCN article] Sep 9

Hurricane Katrina And Ham Radio News Stories
[read the WBNS article] [read the Georgetown Record article] [read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article] [read the New Britain Herald article] [read the Computer World article] Sep 9

Texas: FEMA Nixes Grassroots Radio Station for Hurricane Evacuees
[read the Village Voice article] [read the Wired article] Sep 9

Cabinet Delays Satellite Radio Licence Decision
[read the CTV article] Sep 9

IPods In Cars Raise Questions For Satellite Radio
[read the Reuters article] Sep 9

Air America Radio Puts Disputed
Loan Funds In Escrow

[read the Radio & Records article] Sep 9

Radio Free Asia Board Appoints Liu President
[read the Radio World article] Sep 9

Payola: Adelstein Plans To 'Put The Fear Of God' Into Broadcasters
[read the Billboard article] Sep 9

50-100 Gulf Coast Stations Remain Dark
[read the Radio World article] Sep 8

Texas: Volunteers and Astrodome Resident Families Build Emergency Radio Station
[read the Media Channel article] [read the Radio World article] Sep 8

Amateur Radio: 'I'm Alive' Signals Reach Tampa
[read the Tampa Bay Times article] Sep 8

Ham Radio Operators Lend Help In Gulf
[read the 1010 WINS article] Sep 8

"Red Cross Radio" Launches On Xm Satellite Radio To Help And Inform Red Cross Workers, Hurricane Victims - Channel 248
[read the press release] Sep 8

TI, RadioScape Accelerate Development of Receivers for DRM Standard
[read the press release article] Sep 8

The Value of CBC Radio to Small Northern Municipalities
[read the LTVNews article] Sep 8

DRM-Capable Consumer Products Unveiled at IFA: Sangean, Roberts, Morphy Richards, Bosch, Panasonic, Visteon and CT/AFG/Himalaya
[read the InfoSat article] Sep 7

IFA: Digital Audio Looks To Conquer AM Airwaves
[read the InformationWeek article] Sep 7

New Orleans' WWL Currently Simulcast On Shortwave
[read the Media Network Weblog via DXLD] [WWL Radio] Sep 7

As Telecom Reels From Storm Damage, Ham Radios Hum
[read the Wall Street Journal article] Sep 7

Ham Radio Operators To The Rescue After Katrina
[read the MSNBC article] Sep 7

More Ham Radio vs Hurricane Katrina Recovery News Article
[read the ARRL article] [read the Computer World article] Sep 7

Louisiana: St. Tammany Radio Station (WASO) Seized, Back on the Air
[read the Radio World article] Sep 7

Clear Channel, Radio-Station Owners Form Emergency Broadcast Network
[read the San Antonio Business Journal article] Sep 7

10,000 Battery-operated Radios to Hurricane Victims
[read the Radio World article] Sep 7

Radio Cairo External Services Saved By ERTU Head Of Radio
[read the Media Network weblog article] Sep 7

Australia: Festival Code Revival Expected To Be A Highlight
[read the Canowindra News article] Sep 7

Kenwood Seizes Opportunity By Launching Industry's First HD Radio(TM) with Built-In FM Multicasting
[read the press release] Sep 7

Voice Of Tibet Starts Two New Short Wave Radio Broadcasts From 1st September - Targeting Tibetan Exile Community
[read the Phayul article] Sep 5

WRN Unveils DRM Projects
[read the UKRadio.com article] Sep 5

Rescue Radio: Ham Radio Vs Hurricane Katrina
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Sep 5

Ham Radio Operators Relay Messages, Help Save Lives After Hurricane Katrina
[read the Radio.about.com article] Sep 5

Ham Radio Operators Await Call To Help
[read the Connecticut Post article] Sep 5

Federal Government Grant to "Ham Aid" Will Support Katrina Response
[read the ARRL article] Sep 5

WWL 870 AM: No Radio Station Defies Hurricane
[read the Mobile Register article] Sep 5

VOA: Kim Andrew Elliott Taken Off Talk To America
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Sep 5

Visteon Promotes Digital Radio Mondiale for Automotive Applications
[read the press release] Sep 5

Irate With Pirates: Illegal Radio DJs Broadcast Misery
[read the ampstead and Highgate Express article] Sep 5

Thailand: Government Warns 180 Broadcasters
[read the Nation article] Sep 5

ARRL President Urges Orderly Amateur Radio Response in Katrina Recovery
[read the ARRL article] Sep 2

More Amateur Radio Hurricane Katrina News Stories
[read the AP article] [read the WMUR article] [read the NNS article] [read the KCRA article] [read the Delta Democrat Times article] [read the WJRT article] Sep 2

Delivering News Of the Storm That Stopped The Presses
[read the Washington Post article] Sep 2

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Provides Emergency Station Funds for Stations Affected by Hurricane Katrina
[read the Radio World article] Sep 2

DRM Is Ready For Its Commercial Launch
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Sep 2

Swiss Radio International Reflects On 70 Years Of History
[read the NZZ Online article] Sep 2

Cuban Government Boasts Of Increased TV Viewership
[read the AP article] Sep 2

Saudi Radio Gets First Woman News Anchor
[read the Arab News article] Sep 2

Samsung neXus XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Players Unveiled!
[read the Orbitcast article] Sep 2

SATERN: Ham Radio Operators Help Track Down Hurricane Victims
[read the 9News article] Sep 1

Amateur Radio Volunteers Involved in Katrina Recovery
[read the ARRL article] Sep 1

More Amateur Radio Hurricane Katrina Articles
[read the WTVF article] [read the WHSV article] [read the Baxter Bulletin article] [read the WISH article] [read the Gallup Independent article] [read the KSL article] Sep 1

FCC Eases Rules for Hurricane-Affected Stations
[read the Radio World article] [read the Radio & Records article] Sep 1

Shutting Down Two In New Orleans, Entercom Keeps WWL On-Air
[read the Billboard article] Sep 1

Amateur Radio: Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Signup Database Now Open
[read the ARRL article] Sep 1

Telenor and BBC World Service Enter Agreement for Digital Broadcasting
[read the press release article] Sep 1

Palestinian Army Radio On The Air
[read the Ynetnews article] [read the Al-Bawaba article] Sep 1

Amateur Radio Volunteers Involved In Katrina Recovery
[read the ARRL article] Aug 31

Ham Radio Operators Provide Early Communication After Storm
[read the CBS47 article] Aug 31

Hams To The Rescue
[read the KBCI article] Aug 31

Radio Free Europe Says Uzbek Reporter Jailed
[read the MosNews article] [read the RSF article] Aug 31

Kentucky: Winchester Woman Banned From Listening To Radio Arrested
Strange... [read the Winchester Sun article] Aug 31

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters for the Period Ending August 30, 2005
[read the ARRL article] Aug 31

Opinion: HD Radio Web Site Shows Industry Myopia
[read the Audio Graphics article] Aug 30

BPL At HQ: ARRL Cooperating In BPL System Experiment
[read the ARRL article] Aug 30

Technology Spells Decline For AM Radio
Good grief.. this headline reads like an old black and white news reel from the 1950s. The same words were uttered over and over in the 60s, 70s, 80s and so on. Read it... and laugh. [read the Providence Journal article] Aug 30

Hurricane Katrina: The Big Gun – WWL At 870 - Falls Silent
[read the Inside Radio article] Aug 30

Satellite Radio In Canada Back To Square One?
[read the FMQB article] Aug 30

Radio Fans Lament Loss Of Local Feel
[read the Inside Bay Area article] Aug 30

How Many LPFMs Are There? 498
[read the Radio World article] Aug 30

Syndicated Radio Host Laurie Roth Seriously Hurt in Motorcyle Accident
[read the Radio.about.com article] Aug 30

Illinois: Outed On Radio, Bank Robber Pleads Guilty
[read the Radio Ink article] Aug 30

Ham Radio Ready As Residents Flee "Potentially Catastrophic" Katrina
[read the ARRL article] Aug 29

Real Life: What It's Like To Be On The Radio in the Middle of a Hurricane
[read the Radio.about.com article] Aug 29

Myanmar Blames BBC For Broadcasting False Coup Report
[read the Xinhuanet article] Aug 29

Canadians Shrugging Off CBC Lockout: Poll
[read the CTV article] Aug 29

Sudan To Set Up New Radio, TV Stations
[read the Sudan Tribune article] Aug 28

DRM-Capable Consumer Radios To Arrive As Major Broadcasters Announce DRM Content
[read the InfoSat article] Aug 28

$500 Fine Imposed For Unauthorized Sat Band Transmissions
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Aug 28

Deutschlandradio Switches Two Transmitters Permanently To DRM
[read the Media Network Weblog article] Aug 28

Pakistan: An Old-Time Radioman — Khalid Hasan
Hasan is a former VOA and R Pakistan announcer. [read the Daily Times article] Aug 28

With Loss Of A Blimp Over Keys, TV Marti Takes Another Hit
[read the St Peterburgh Times article] Aug 28

Canada: Ottawa To Reconsider Satellite-Radio Ruling
[read the Globe and Mail article] Aug 28

XM And Indoor Boosters
[read the Radio World article] Aug 28

Hate Radio And Global Terrorism
[read the Radio Netherlands article] Aug 26

Hurricane Watch Net, WX4NHC To Activate As Katrina Nears Florida
[read the ARRL article] Aug 26

Amateur Radio Volunteers Help National Weather Service
[read the AHN article] Aug 26

DRM Plans For Big Receiver Push at Upcoming European Shows
[read the Radio World article] Aug 26

Sirius Has Wearable MP3 Radio
[read the Red Herring article] [read the PCWorld article] Aug 26

I'm Not Normal, I'm a Satellite Radio Listener
Research data on sat listeners [read the press release] Aug 26

CBC Strike: Beaming In The Scabs
[read the NOW Magazine article] Aug 26

The Great AM Debate: Guy Defends His Proposals to Thin the Population of a ‘Herd Full of Cripples’
Yuck! [read the Radio World article] Aug 26

Commentary: The Premature Death Of HD Radio
[read the Radio World article] Aug 25

Belarus: European Commission To Fund Pro-Democracy Radio Broadcasts
[read the RFE/RL article] Aug 25

Debating The Firing (WMAL 630 AM) Of Radio Host Graham
[read the MSNBC article] Aug 25

Thailand: Government Moves To Silence Community Radio Stations
[read the AP article] Aug 25

Thousands Of Canadians Pre-Register For Canadian Satellite Radio
[read the Broadcaster Magazine article] Aug 25

Ecuador: Radio Station Falls Victim To "Preventive Censorship" Under State Of Emergency
[read the RSF article] Aug 25

Texas: No Love In The Air In This Neighborhood
Neighbor has a legit RFI spat with a non-ham (probably a CBer from the looks of the mono-bander in the video) but lots of amateur radio references in this news item that passes on the impression to be on the look out of those pesky hams and "their powerful towers!". To add insult to injury, at the end of this news piece, these so called crack news people give the absolute WRONG advice for other readers/viewers who may have RFI issues with their real "radio amateur" neighbor... if you are having interference issues to "call the homeowners association and then file a complaint with the FCC". What happened to at least approaching "the radio amateur" to resolve the issue first? Most RFI issues are NOT the fault of the radio amateur. The law is crystal clear on this. Too bad Jimmy Olsen of the 11 News Defenders did not read this page first from the ARRL on RFI or at least do some freshman level research on the issue in order to provide RESPONSIBLE advice to viewers. Good grief this gives me a headache! [read the KHOU article and see the video] user: bugmenot1@bugmenot.com pass: bugmenot1
Aug 24

iBiquity: Digital Radio Emerges Into The Future
[read the USA Today article] Aug 24

DRM: Harris Corp. To Broadcast Powerful Radio Advances For International Broadcasters at IBC2005
[read the press release] Aug 24

Nigeria: RCCG Launches Media Network, Dove Media Group
[read the Vanguard article] Aug 24

NAB Filing Addresses Heated LPFM and Translator Issues
[read the Billboard article] Aug 24

iBiquity: Clearing The Air
Yea like a bad bowl of pinto beans. More IBOC hype.... [read the NYT article] Aug 23

BPL: Sparks Fly As Electric Grid
[read the Computer World article] Aug 23

Analysts: Utilities Should Apply Internet Caution
[read the Reuters article] Aug 23

Talk Show Host Graham Fired By WMAL (630 AM) Over Islam Remarks
[read the Washington Post article] Aug 23

CBC, Union See Contract Work As The Great Divide
[read the Globe and Mail article] Aug 23

In Uganda, When Does Brash Talk Radio Become Sedition?
[read the CSM article] Aug 23

Belarus: German Broadcaster Makes Waves With Russian-Language Plans
[read the RFE/RL article] Aug 22

Amateur Radio: Radio Operators Make Urgent Call
[read the Newark Star Ledger article] Aug 22

Guinea Ends 47-Year State Monopoly On Radio, TV
[read the Reuters article] Aug 22

Amateur Radio: FCC Morse Code Decision Would Not Affect CW Subbands, Privileges
[read the ARRL article] Aug 21

All India Radio 60 Meter Band Usage
[read the DXAsia.info article] Aug 21

Indonesia: RRI Cooperates With 'Radio Australia'
[read the Jakarta Post article] Aug 21

Al-Tajdeed Radio: 'No Restrictions' On Anti-UK Radio
[read the BBC News article] Aug 21

Hurricane-Damaged Blimps In The Keys Knock Out TV Marti Programs
[read the AP article] Aug 21

Deflated Blimps Limit Broadcasts To Cuba
[read the Miami Herald article] Aug 21

Commentary: (BPL) Downsides to Power Grid as Internet
[read the PESN article] Aug 21

iBiquity: Static-Free Ad Blitz
[read the Chicago Business article] Aug 21

Amateur Radio Awareness Day to Feature Emergency Power Operating Event
[read the ARRL article] Aug 21

California: Tinseltown Says Farewell To Radio (KNX 1070 AM)
[read the LA Canyon News article] Aug 21

Canada: Radio Stations Protest 'Technology Tax'
[read the Ottawa Citizen article] Aug 21

Witness Says 'Junior' Gotti Ordered Hit On WABC's Curtis Sliwa
[read the Billboard article] Aug 21

North Carolina: Judge Orders Fayetteville Radio Contest's Winners To Share Money
[read the WRAL article] Aug 21

Uganda: Suspended Radio Station Is Allowed Back On Air
[read the CPJ article] Aug 21

A l-Tajdeed Radio: Government Pushed To Shut Down 'Jihad' Radio Station In London
[read the Scotsman article] [read the Guardian article] Aug 19

How Radio al-Tajdeed Outwitted British Law
[read the Clandestine Radio Watch article] Aug 19

Senegal: West Africa Democracy Radio - Democracy Radio Begins Test Transmission
[read the AllAfrica.com article] Aug 19

Zimbabwe: Government Turns To Jamming Voice of the People
[read the SW Radio Africa article] Aug 19

Voice of Russia: Russian Radio Station To Hold Beslan Commemorative Marathon
[read the RIA Novosti article] Aug 19

WA2XMN: Armstrong Commemorative Station Gets Extended Stay and New Lease On Life
[read the Amateur Radio Newsline article] Aug 19

Radio Station Closure Alarms Ugandans
[read the Wasington Times article] Aug 19

NAB to FCC: Don't Re-Think HD Standards
[read the Billboard article] Aug 19

WorldSpace Still Has A Way To Go
[read the Business Standard article] Aug 19

Virginia: Amateur Radio Expert Loves Thrill Of The 'Fox Hunt'
[read the Daily Press article] Aug 19

Radio New Zealand Staff Walk Off The Job Again
[read the STUFF article] Aug 19

Sound of Hope: Another Foreign Radio Station Falls Victim To "Great Wall Of The Airwaves"
[read the RSF article] Aug 18

Radio Canada International Programming Continues During Domestic Lockout
[read the Media Network weblog article] Aug 18

Canada: CBC Lockout Leaves North With Little Local News
[read the CP article] Aug 18

Politics Over The Low-Power Dial
[read the American Prospect article] Aug 18

Lebanon's Parliament Lifts Ban On Anti-Syrian TV And Radio Stations
[read the Media Network weblog article] Aug 18

Ibiquity Joins Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
[read the Radio World article] Aug 18

Missouri: Radio Station Unwinds Years Of Reel History
[read the Columbia Daily Tribune article] Aug 18

ABC Fails To Heed Its Own Virus Warning
[read the Chicago Sun Times article] Aug 18

Danish Radio Station Suspended For Three Months
[read the Media Network weblog article] Aug 18

Vietnam Helps Laos Build New Broadcasting Stations
[read the ABU article] Aug 18

BPL Tales of Two Texas Towns: One Says "No," NPR Cites Success Elsewhere
[read the ARRL article] Aug 17

Philippines: On The Radio, Under The Gun
[read the CPJ article] Aug 16

Canada's CBC Broadcaster Locks Out 5,500 Workers
[read the Reuters article] Aug 16

New 'Roadcasting' Concept Allows Music Sharing In And Between Cars
[read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette article] Aug 16

The FCC Logs 157,016 Indecency Complaints In The First Quarter
[read the InsideRadio article] [read the FMQB article] Aug 16

Reported Jamming Of Voice Of The People To Zimbabwe
[read the Media Network weblog article] Aug 15

BPL: Web Access May Be As Close As An Electrical Outlet
[read the USA Today article] Aug 15

California: Man Wins $270,000 After Radio Show Identifies Him As Gay
[read the AP article] Aug 15

Charged Uganda Radio Host 'Sorry'
[read the BBC News article] Aug 15

Hollywood, Radio Finally Part Waves (KNX 1070 AM)
[read the LA Times article] via Mike Owyang Aug 15

Sri Lanka: Suspected Rebels Shoot Lankan Radio Broadcaster, Husband
[read the Peninsula article] Aug 15

Uganda Closes Radio Station For Airing Conspiracy Theories on Sudan Rebel Leader's Death
[read the VOA News article] Aug 14

Investigators Probe Community Center Loan To Air America Radio
[read the AP article] Aug 14

Digital Radio Kicks Up Strong Words
[read the Radio World article] Aug 14

Commentary: Connecting Ham Radio, Broadcasting
[read the Radio World article] Aug 14

Italy Joins No-Code Ranks As FCC Revives Morse Debate In The US
[read the ARRL article] Aug 12

RadioScape to Showcase DRM/DAB Radio Receivers at IFA 2005; World's First Affordable, Integrated, Multi-Standard, Digital Radio Receivers
[read the press release] Aug 12

DRM Gets Writeup In Science Mag
[read the Radio World article] Aug 12

Car Wars: HD Radio vs. Satellite Radio
[read the FMQB article] Aug 12

Why Satellite Radio Is Beaming
[read the Cox News article] Aug 12

Radio New Zealand Strikers Given The Bird
[read the National Business Review article] Aug 12

Nepal Radio Stations Resume News
[read the BBC News article] Aug 12

Michael Powell Joins Investment Firm
Cashing Out... Cashing In! [read the Radio World article] Aug 12

Opinion: Satellite Radio Tunes Us In On A Trip To Nowhere
[read the Oregonian article] Aug 12

Sound Of Hope Protests Interference in SW Broadcast to China
[read the XTVWorld article] Aug 10

France's RFI To Boost Shortwave Broadcasts In West Africa
Why? Because shortwave gets through when all else fails. [read the Media Network Weblog article] Aug 10

Foreign Broadcasting To Russia On The Decline
[read the RIA Novosti article] Aug 10

Amateur Radio: Longtime Lover Of Radio Uses His Skill To Help Many Others
[read the Winston-Salem Journal article] Aug 10

Africa: Giving The Poor A Voice
[read the East African article] Aug 10

Paraguay: Community Radio Station Gutted By Firebomb Attack
[read the RSF article] Aug 10

New York: Station Fined Over Slap Contest
[read the BBC News article] Aug 10

Venezuelan Radio Dramas Mirror Refugee Troubles
[read the Reuters article] Aug 10

Payola: FCC To Look Into Sony BMG, Radio Station Disclosure
[read the Reuters article] [read the Media Daily News article] [read the Billboard article] Aug 10





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