More Photos Of The Kaito KA1121
Here are two photos of the new Kaito KA1121 that is due to be released soon. We have also learned that the MP3 player/recorder does detach from the radio. [see photo #1] [see photo #2] Nov 25

Maha Announces The MH-C9000 WizardOne Battery Charger & Analyzer
Fans of NiMH batteries, which many of us use, may be interested in this new high caliber multi featured charger by Maha. You can read more about it at Imaging Resource. Nov 14

Kaito KA1121 To Include US Weather Band
Kaito has informed us that the KA1121 will include VHF frequencies from 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz that is used in the US for Weather broadcasts. Anticipated availability is sometime very early December. Incase you did not notice, we reported a few months ago that this model was to be the KA1106. That since has changed to stick with the Degen model number of DE1121 and will be known as the KA1121. Nov 9

(European) Thieking&Koch DE1121 To Be Slightly Different Than (US) Kaito KA1121
Word from Thieking&Koch is they have worked with Degen Engineers to develop their version of the DE1121 for the special needs of the European market. Anticipated release of the Thieking&Koch DE1121 is November 20th in Germany.

Reported differences of the Thieking&Koch DE 1121:
-Longwave starts at 50 kHz.
-SSB reception over entire LW, MW and SW bands.
-Menus will include German language as well as English and Chinese.
-Complies with EU-RoHS regulations with CE-mark.
-Low noise AC power supply with a variety of AC wall adapters.
-Rechargeable batteries (NiMH) are included. (Editor's note - Best guess is that the Kaito version will also include NiMH batteries as well).

Thieking&Koch points out that their version of the DE1121 makes an ideal radio for European sailors which are keen to copy the German Naval weather broadcast in RTTY on 147.3 kHz and A0 beacons on LW/MW can be heard using SSB (CW) . Nov 5

Degen DE1104 and DE1121
Thanks to Pan Shuang sends news of two new radios by Degen. The DE1104 combines digital tuning with analog tuning.
The 1104 is a digital PLL on FM, but has analog tuning on MW/SW with digital frequency readout. The 1104 provides 36 memories only on FM. Other specifications are similar to 1107. You can see more of the 1121 at these links:
Leowood's BBS

The 1121 is a new concept radio with a digital PLL dual conversion radio (FM/MWSW/LW) with a MP3 player. The 1121 provides 100 memories by name and 400 memories by frequency. The names and frequencies of the broadcast stations can be edited on a PC, and can be download to the MP3 of 1121 that connected to the USB of the computer with no adapter. More photos of the DE1121 can be viewed here at Degen.com

Note: The radio appears to be the same radio as the future Kaito KA1106 ? (see below) that was announced here in August. Also the German company, THIECOM, will be offering this radio in Europe as the THIEKING&KOCH DE1121. Oct 13

Crisis At Time Station CHU Canada
"On April 1, 2007, CHU needs to stop operating, change frequencies, or re-licence". More details can be found on CHU's webpage. Oct 29

Adventures In SW Nostalgia via DXer.ca
This was sent in from a familiar name to many longtime shortwave listeners Ian McFarland formerly of Radio Canada International.

"If you were an SWL and/or Dxer back in the seventies, and tuned in each week to Radio Canada International’s (or as it was known back then, the International Service of the CBC) program for SWLs, then you may recall hearing a very popular feature called “The Idents & Interval Signals Series.” For those who don’t recall this or weren’t SWLs at the time, featured in this series were the Identification and Interval Signals of more than 100 international broadcasting stations and services that were on the air on SW in the 1970s. Also back in the 1970s this series was made available on cassette tapes as a fundraiser for The Handicapped Aid Program in Canada, the USA and elsewhere. Well, audio technology has come a long way since the lowly cassette tape and now, after some three decades, this very popular series is available once again on a set of two CDs . All of the tracks are fully indexable and the CDs come with a numbered hard copy list of all the tracks."

"Full details on prices and a downloadable order form are available on the Dxer.ca Website. This will be a bit of pure nostalgia for long time SWLs, since some of the stations covered in the series are no longer on the air." Oct 29

The Rhein-Main-Radio-Club 2007 QSL Calendar
The Rhein-Main-Radio-Club is offering for sale a calendar for 2007 that features QSLs from the 1930s to today. More details on how to get one can be found by going to their site. [go to the calendar sale page] Oct 28

Redsun R1220 & Kchibo KK-S500
The Redsun R1220 appears to be analog with digital read out. A photo can be seen on Redsun's website. Leowood's BBS has photos of the Kchibo KK-S500. links via OWL Oct 13

Eton E1 Owner's Manual On-line
Eton has posted the E1 owner's manual on-line. You can download the E1 manual as well as other Eton models at Eton's website. [go to Eton's Owner's Manual Page] Info via Thomas Moyer Oct 13

New Icom IC-R9500 Receiver Announced
Icom will be coming out with a new full coverage professional receiver covering 5 kHz to 3335 MHz. Details can be found at Universal-Radio's webpage. Dave N9EWO has lots more posted about the new IC-R9500 receiver on his page. Aug 22

New Kaito KA1106(?) and KA11 (UPDATE Nov 06: The KA1106 wil be the KA1121)
Kaito will offer at the end of the year a new model which we are told will be the KA1106. This dual conversion, AM, FM and SW (SSB ready will feature 400 memories and an MP3 off air recorder and audio input for external MP3 player or other audio device. Note that this is not the much anticipated Degen DE1108. Click here to see a photo of the KA1106. Expected availability is November 2006. Kaito will be offering soon a the pocket sized KA11 (Degen DE11) AM-FM-SW portable with 1000 memories. Click here to see a drawing of the KA11. As we get more details on these two radios we will post them. Aug 1

Mini CCRadio Will Not Be... At Least For Now
C Crane Company has made an announcement that the much anticipated Mini CCRadio has been tabled until further notice. More can be read by going to C Crane Company's web page. Aug 1

Ten-Tec RX-350D Is Discontinued
Ten-Tec has decided to discontinue the RX-350D unfortunately shorting the list of table top receivers available today on the market. Universal Radio mentions on their page that they have a few units left for sale. Thanks to Joe Analssandrini for the tip. Aug 1

Article On The Kchibo KK-9510HF
Thanks to Joe Analssandrini for passing along this article on the KK-9510HF which is being translated to English through a translation program. [PDF download the KK-9510HF article translated to English] May 30

New Kchibo KK-9510HF With Sync Detector
Kchibo has introduced a new double conversion portable featuring a Sync Detector. The published specs on this radio are:
Frequency Coverage:
FM 87-108 MHz
MW 525-1610 KHz
SW1 5.95-6.20 MHz
SW2 7.10-7.30 MHz
SW3 9.50-9.90 MHz
SW4 11.65-12.05 MHz
SW5 13.60-13.85 MHz
SW6 15.10-15.60 MHz
SW7 17.50-17.95 MHz
SW8 21.45-21.85 MHz

(FM) <10dbu(s/n=30db)
(MW) <62 dbu(s/n=26db)
(SW) <30 dbu(s/n=26db)

Signal to Noise:
FM: 98MHZ >50db
AM:1000KHZ >45db

Power Supply: DC-4.5V

Leowood's forum has photos posted of the KK-9510HF which can be seen by clicking here. Thanks to OWL for passing this info along. May 24.

Redsun RP2100 Update
OWL sends word that Redsun has delivered their first batch of about 50 RP2100 and that mass production of this model is expected to begin by the end of the month. Initial performance reports indicate that FM and especially AM (MW) are very good. Shortwave is almost as sensitive but slightly noisier than the DE1103. The audio is also reported to be very impressive thanks to its 5" speaker. Click here to see more photos of the RP2100, including internal photos, posted at hongsedianbo.com thanks to Red Radiowave May 17

USA DRM Group Annual Meeting with Stand Alone DRM Radio Photos
Finally there will be a reasonably priced DRM ready shortwave, FM and AM radio! Sangean has done it with the UK marketed Roberts MP40. Read the details of the recent USA DRM Group Meeting and read some closing thoughts on the meeting and DRM. [read the USA DRM Group Meeting article] May 13

The Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List Lives On
A few months ago the most useful Receiver Shopping List hosted by Radio Netherlands was unfortunately taken down. Thanks to the Media Network weblog we learn that it has been archived for future use courtesy of the folks at the Medium Wave Circle. [go to the Receiver Shopping List] May 4

New Icom IC PCR2500 & R2500 Receivers
Icom is set to introduce another set PC based receivers. The comes only a few months after the debut of their PCR1500 and R1500. The new PCR2500 and R2500 will feature simultaneous dual receive and diversity reception (using two antennas at the same time to improve reception). More details can be found on Universal Radio's Website. Also you can read about it on Icom Japan's website. Here is a link via a translator or if you can read Japanese you can try here. Thanks to Andrea Borgnino IW0HK for the tip. Apr 19

More Details On The New Redsun RP2000
Thanks to OWL we learn some more details about the Redsun RP2000
*** Size: 290mm x 180mm x 70mm (or in inches 11.4" x 7.1" x 2.76") Which is similar to S350/S350DL
*** Power: 220V AC/ 6-9v DC/ 4 x R20 (D size battery) / 4 x R6 (AA size battery), with built in re-charging circuit.
*** Other features: dual timer, stereo/momo headphone switch, fast/slow/lock tuning knob, backlit LCD (on or 8 seconds) backlit keys (like DE1103) with beep prompt function
. Redsun has posted more details on the specs of the radio which can be seen by clicking here. Apr 14

New Models From A New Radio Company - Redsun Electronics
Our friend OWL sends word that there is a new company, Redsun Electronics, that was recently announced on Leowood's Chinese language radio board. Mentioned is that they will be introducing some new PLL AM/FM/SW models very soon. The first model to be introduced is the RP2000 (export) and RP2100 (for Chinese domestic sales) . This model will feature:
dual conversion , 1st IF: 55.845MHz, MCU control, 8 IC, FM/MW/SW1/2/3, FM/SW external antenna terminal, MW external antenna terminal (500 ohm), AM IF output for CW/SSB/DRM/SSTV, Narrow/Wide/RF Gain, Stereo earphone output, Line out and a 5-inch speaker. Photos of the RP2000 have been posted on Leowood's BBS which can be viewed by clicking here. Another model though un-named is expected to be released later in the year. Could this be the other model in this photo with the many buttons? Details right now are a bit sketchy but as they come in they will be posted. Thanks to OWL for passing this info along and Leowood's forum. Apr 8

Kchibo KK-9510HF Translated On Line Brochure link via Daniel Rosenzweig

Tecsun DF50 FM with DAB Radio
While nothing more than eye candy for those in North America, the Tecsun DF50 perhaps is destined for shelves in the UK and Chinese markets with it's FM DAB stereo feature. Some of the features include:
* 5 memory per band(FM/DAB)
* Bass/Treble Control - Coaxial Speaker
* Orange Dot Matrix LCD. When in DAB mode will display station name, program information and other info
* Manual and Auto tuning
* Infrared remote control
* Able to display time and date, timer and sleep function
* Power: 4 D cell or AC adapter
* Dimensions: 148(H) X 248 (W) X63 (D) mm .
[Click Here To See A Photo]

Thanks to Jonathan Lee for the info. Maybe Tecsun is working on a DRM radio? Mar 24

New DRM To Computer Radio - DRB 30 DiRaBox Digital Radio Box
Andrea Borgnino IW0HK sends news of this new DRM capable computer receiver (30KHz - 30MHz continues) by NTi of Germany. This full featured software defined radio will be available for 299 Euros. More details can be found at NTi webpage. Mar 10

Demolition Video Of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Towers At Playa de Pals, Spain
Sadly the 13 shortwave towers that radiated whispers of hope and freedom behind the once iron curtain for over 40 years have been brought down. On March 22, 2006 the RFE/RL towers at Playa de Pals were blown up and now are probably in the process of chopped up and hauled off to be sold for a few pennies on the pound as scrap metal. You can see a video of the towers coming down courtesy of Carlos Mourato CT4RK by clicking here. Thanks to Carlos Gonçalves via DX Listening Digest for use of the link. An excellent background article about Playa de Pals via Radio World can be found by clicking here. Mar 24

Price Drop On Eton S350DL
Eton has lowered the price on the S350DL from $150 to $100. Missing from the previous $150 offering is the added headphones. S350s are also still listed as being available for $100. Thanks to Will Martin for the tip.

Flex-Radio SDR-1000 Software Defined Radio Used As A Shortwave/MW DX Table Top Receiver - Weblog
Experienced shortwave and MW DXer Guy Atkins has started a weblog documenting his experiences with the Flex-Radio SDR-1000 software defined radio. With fewer options for new high end receivers available today for the listener who demands performance, Guy is putting his SDR-1000 through the paces as a shortwave (tropical band) and MW DX rig. [go the the Five Below: DXing with the SDR-1000 on Mediumwave and Tropical Bands Weblog] Feb 14

Future Desktop - Kneisner + Doering KWZ-30/2

Details On The Future Degen DE1108
The following was passed on from the Degen users board. Special thanks to Jonathan Lee for forwarding and translating these details of the future Degen DE1108.

The DE1108 is a high performance FM/MW/short wave/long wave/air band/Internal digital record/mp3 player portable PLL receiver.

The radio measures 350mm"(w) x 200mm (h) x ?mm(d) and its digital PLL AM high first Intermediate Frequency and dual conversion radio (FM/MW/SW/LW/Air Band), with Side Band selectable Synchronous AM Detector. The radio's program can be record by Internal digital record and also able play mp3.

The radio stereo system was form with two whole frequency speakers. 6 D cells battery. It has two CPU and three LCD. The central LCD is dot matrix black and white display. It has an out lay 220v AC adapter. There are 38~42 keys with the keyboard. A part of radio's software can be upgraded. There will be two versions: standard and high level. DE1108 will go to market in China at same time as in the USA. The USA version will be different from China edition.

The forepart of DE1108's FM was form of independent element. AM IF Passband Tuning function. Howling - resisting system with AM high first Intermediate Frequency is 55.845MHZ. Adjacent frequency interference can be minimized or eliminated with a choice of four bandwidths [2.3/4.0/6.0/12 kHz]. Manual Gain Control with tuning knob. Side Band select Synchronous AM Detector form with multi-CMOS chips. Scan able 3 functions: 1.stop with hold. 2. hold with 5 second and continue. 3.hold with 2 second and continue. DE1108 will have over 2000 non-volatile memories. BA power amplifier CMOS chip with excellent sound. Separate Bass and Treble Controls. DE1108 has 3 LCD screen, one is BACKLIGHT Multi-Function Dot-Matrix LCD Screen. Signal Strength display for AM FM and air band with a simulation of the old-fashioned a needle meter LCD. The other one is time/day/month/year/timers/Battery Strength Display LCD. DE1108 has two Ant Input Jack. One is for LW/AM/SW. The other is use for air band. The programs will be recorded by mp3 style. The carrying handles cover with soft rubber. The FM frequency range: 76MHZ~108MHZ. The AM frequency range: 150KHZ~29999KHZ. The scan step is 100KHZ. The quick tuning step is 100KHZ (digital turn button). The slow tuning step is 25KHZ(digital turn button). It has MW magnetic rod ant control system. The MW tuning step is manual 9KHZ/ AUTO 9KHZ (CHINA version). The manual tuning step (by digital turn button): quick tuning step 1KHZ/ slow tuning step 10HZ. SW tuning step manual 5KHZ/ SCAN 5KHZ. SW manual tuning step (by digital turn button): quick 1KHZ/ slow 10HZ. DE1108's second intermediate frequency is 450KHZ. DE1108's SSB form of USB and LSB select switch SO able with out fine turn button any more. The Synchronous AM Detector also have USB and LSB select. It will also have ATS function. DE1108's memory form with 3 grades system. The station can be memory with English name (for example: display with BBC/ DW/ KBS/ RFI/ VOA). DE1108's memory system was replaceable band memory. Non-volatile memory will not lose memory when lost power. Digital turn button was on the front panel. There is a little global trough on the off center part of digital turn button control by first finger. Speaker made in TAIWAN. DE1108 has an infrared telecontroller. Front panel all with ENGLISH language. DE1108's volume has 32 level. Digital turn button is ALPS made in JAPAN. There are 8 groups of timers in one day. Timer function was turning on radio or mp3 or recording radio's program with MP3. The air band of frequency range is 117~137MHZ. DE1108's ant input jack is KOK antenna jack model. DE1108 also has Stereo Line-Level Audio Inputs/Outputs. DE1108 has 128M internal Non-volatile memories. Memory able was enlarging with SD card and USB MEMORY. MP3 made of MCS CMOS chip. There is a digital turn button on the right top of the panel. Stereo system was form with two speakers. The speaker is 4 inches diameter. Jan 19

Kaito Goes To MAP (Manufactured Approved Pricing)
Kaito Electronics has taken a page from Eton's marketing playbook. Kaito has moved to manufactured approved pricing. In other words, pricing for resellers of their products will be retailing Kaito's radios for the same price. To offer a better value, Radios4You is giving away free shipping on Kaito KA1101 & KA1102 radios. Feb 21

Eton E1 Recall
Universal Radio has posted details of a recall for the E1 by Eton with serial numbers in the 3067 to 5462 range. The nice part of this bad news is that Eton is going to throw in a complementry FR200 for your troubles. [go to Universal Radio] info via RTC. Jan 13

CES 2006 Photos
Thanks to our friends at Radios4You.com we have some photos of Eton's booth at CES2006. There are a few new shortwave offerings, including the anticipated E5, at CES 2006 by Eton as well as new satellite receivers (Sirius & XM). [go to the CES2006 photo page] Jan 10

Icom IC-PCR1500 & IC-R1500: Tune Into Icom’s Latest Radio Receiver Range At London Boat Show
A small press release article on this new RX. [read the BYMNews article] Jan 12

The Kiwa Kaito KA1103 Performance Upgrade
Kiwa Electronics, who offers all kinds of enhancements for many popular radios, has an audio upgrade kit for fans of the Kaito KA1103. This upgrade promises that the "audio will sound clearer with improved detail". More details can be found on Kiwa's page. Craig at Kiwa says he might have another upgrade for this popular model so be sure to check back to Kiwa's 1103 upgrade page if or when this second upgrade is announced. [go to Kiwa Electronics 1103 page]. Thanks to Joshua Everett for the tip.


Hong Kong Electornics Fair Photos
Our man in Hong Kong, Paul aka HongKongRadioer, was kind enough to send along some photos he took while at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October. He was even kind enough to send in a photo of himself with L. Zhou, the engineer and designer of many of the better radios that Degen and Tecsun manufactures. Also featured at Tecsun's booth were three new radios. There are photos of the new DR-920 & R-9012 (AM-MW/FM/SW) and the CR-100 (AM-MW/FM/TV) that interestingly uses 2 D Cells. [go to the HK Electronics Fair Photos] Nov 17

Kchibo KK-S500 Portable With Synch Detector In The Works
Thanks to OWL, we learn that Kchibo will release at the end of the year the KK-S500 at the end of the year. This double conversion receiver will feature a synchronous detector (no SSB), and 1000 memories (page system). A photoshop markup images are available thanks to Leowood's Forum by clicking here. Oct 27

"Off The Hook" 1991 Archived Broadcast - Shortwave Listening, Numbers Stations and The Woodpecker
This 14 year old program about shortwave radio and listening to its odd sounds was recently posted on the Off The Hook archives. Emmanuel Goldstein interviews shortwave listener and journalist Bob Horvitz. They discuss, with some great accompanying recordings, number stations, the Soviet era over the horizon radar "Woodpecker" and shortwave listening in general. Listening to this MP3 is worth it just to hear the annoying sound of that pesky "Woodpecker" again. We've taken the liberty to edit out the non-radio stuff and not leech off of 2600.com's bandwidth for download here. [Click here to download]. If you want to hear the whole program click here and download the program for February 27, 1991. Nov 26

Eton E5 To Sell For $150
The Eton E5 is featured in a company advertisement for the November 2005 issue of Popular Communications (page 9) for $150. Thanks to Joe Analssandrini for the info. Release date unknown. Oct 22

New Eton E5 AM/FM/SW Portable
As mentioned here back in June, the design and manufacturing of the Degen DE1106 was sold to another company. Well it should come as no surprise that this radio has become the new Eton E5. With PLL tuning in a double conversion receiver, the E5 is packed with features including SSB reception, 700 memories and alphanumeric frequency tagging, ATS and built in NiMH charger. If this radio is anything like the DE1102 and DE1103, it should be a real winner. The radio has not yet been announced yet on Eton's webpage for US but if you go to Eton Europe, you can navigate to the E5 to take a peek at this radio. Special thanks to our friend OWL for passing along this info which he picked up via Leowood's forum and was first noted by DAIWEI. Oct 20

IFA 2005 DRM & DAB Digital Radio Photos
Here are a few photos of DRM and DAB radios that were on display last month at the International Consumer Electronics Fair held in Berlin, Germany. Thanks to Simone Stoeppler for sharing these photos. [go to the IFA 2005 photos] Sep 27

New Kchibo KK-DRM01 DRM AM/FM/SW Radio
UPDATED: Thanks to Andrea Borgnino, IW0HK for passing these links along to a new DRM radio. The Kchibo KK-DRM01 offers a 12 kHz output jack that can be used with your computer to decode DRM. In other words, not a true stand alone DRM radio but perhaps an inexpensive start for someone who doesn't have a receiver with a 12 kHz output jack. [click here to go to Kchibo's announcement of the KK-DRM01] [click here to see a better photo of the KK-DRM01 via BCL.myetoys.com] Aug 26

The Intimate Audio Gadget
From the wonderful WFMU blog there is a great little article about portable transistor radios and especially the famous Regency TR-1. Well worth taking a look. [read the WFMU blog article] Oct 28


Tips On Buying A Shortwave Radio via eBay
Cobalt Pet weblog has posted some useful tips on purchasing shortwave radios via eBay. [go to the Cobalt Pet article] Oct 13

From The Prototype Grundig Satellit 900 To The Completed Eton E1
Grundig Radio Boy takes a look back at the proposed Grundig Satellit 900 that morphed into the current Eton E1. What's there, what's not there and what changed. [go to the GrundigRadioBoy's webpage] Aug 24

Eton E1XM vs Grundig Satellit 800 Review
Here it is the first report of the new and very much awaited Eton E1XM. Dr Phil, author of the Icom R75 Cookbook, shares his impressions of the E1XM. We hope to have another review soon of the E1XM. After all for a radio that has been anticipated for over 10 years deserves at least two reviews! [click here to download the pdf file of the E1XM vs Satellit 800 Review] Aug 19

Translated Chinese To English Review of the Degen DE1105 vs the DE1102 and DE1103
Since we haven't been able to review the DE1105, here is a crude computer translation review of this relatively new radio via CNRadior.com. Thanks to Ben/NYC for passing this along. [read the DE1105 review] Aug 1

IFA 2005 Photos Of New DRM Radios (German) ** (English Translated)
via Andrea Borgnino

No Degen DE1106 To Be Produced
Degen announced on their SW forum that they have sold the design and copyright of the DE1106 to an anonymous foreign company. This means that the DE1106 will not be sold by Degen in China. Degen fans in China are upset by this announcement. Special thanks to Jonathan Lee for passing this along. Jun 28

More Info On The Degen DE1104
Jonathan Lee passes along this info on the DE1104. The DE1104 will offer the following features:
1. BAND SETTING: FM (3 bands), MW, SW (11 bands) = 15 bands total
2. FM: PLL, manual tuning (50K/step), auto tuning (SCAN and ATS all
100K/step), 3 group memories (12 memories per group) = 36 memories.
3. AM (MW and SW): traditional manual analog, 4 gang filter turning. Frequency numeric digital display.
4. SW dual conversion receiver
5. SW (11 bands), select band with a key-press
6. FM frequency range: 76-108 MHZ
7. SW frequency: 3.200-21.85 MHZ
8. MW frequency: 520-1710 KHz
9. Tone Control - News/Music switch
10. Super Bass switch
11. Stereo/Mono switch
12. Back Light switch
13. Sleep Timer setting
14. Dual Clock Display (local and UTC)
15. Week Display
16. Double alarm clock and can be made day specific during the week.
17. Signal Strength display
18. DX/Local switch
19. Keypad locking
20. Volume control numeric display
21. Internal Battery Charger
22. Size: same as DE1103:165X105X29(mm)
23. Battery: 4 AA batteries
24. Speaker: 77 mm diameter
25. Battery Strength Display
26. At Turn Off: Display dual clocks, battery strength, week display
27. Ant Input Jack
28. Meter Band Display
29. 6V AC adapter

Other Special Notes about the DE1104:
1. DE1104 is unique with a lot of functions - analog and digital (PLL).
2. Performance claimed to be the same as DE1103 but with a lower price than the, DE1102, DE1103, DE1105, and only more expensive than DE1107. Hence it has a high cost/performance ratio.
3. DE1104 will go to market the same time as it does in the U.S. The U.S. version will have additional Air Band and Weather band function and will not sell on the China market. From now on new Degen radios will go to U.S. market at same time as in China.
4. Development of the DE1104 is complete and will go into production at this time.
Jun 28

Freeplay DEVO Wind-Up DAB Radio Announced
[read the Digital Lifestyles article] via Radio World Aug 18

HD Radio Observations in My Truck
Interesting article about HD (IBOC) radio and a Kenwood KTC-HR100MC. [read the Radio World article] Aug 8

New Degen Pics! DE1104 and DE1106
A few days ago we started getting emails that the excellent Russian radio site, RadioScanner.ru, had posted a drawing of the DE1106. Admittedly the drawing on their site is much better than the one that was faxed to us clandestinely in late October 2004 with the promise to keep it quite. But since the cat is out of the bag as they say, here's the drawing we have of DE1106. As details develop, we will pass them along. Also, today we received a photo of the DE1104. What makes the DE1104 so special besides the Chinese lettering? It is reported that the dual conversion DE1104 features PLL (digital) FM tuning and analog AM (MW) and SW tuning. Click here to see the DE1104. Jun 15

More Info On The New Grundig S350DL
As many people have noticed, the new S350DL retails for $149.95 while the older S350 is $99.95. Mike Maghakian picked up the phone and called Eton to get the full skinny. Mike reports that these are the differences in the new S350DL vs S350:

1) There is now an AFC circuit for MW/SW which significantly eliminates drift.
2) The speaker is now 4 3/4 inches.
3) Headphone jack is now stereo and includes a nice pair of headphones.
4) Clock can be set in modes that it could not be set before.
5) Radio can use 4D and 4AA batteries with a switch and both can be in the radio at the same time.
Thanks Mike!

Another DRM Computer Radio - CIAOradio H101
Here's another DRM radio made in Italy. The CIAOradio H101 covers 0.1–30 MHz and does non-digital modes as well (AM-USB-LSB). Andrea Borgnino, IW0HK, who shared this info with us comments that the previous version of Ciao Radio ( Hardware & Software ) was 249 Euro plus VAT. (go to CIAOradio H101 page) May 18

New Colors For the Grundig S350 (S350DL)
It looks like Eton is going to finally introduce a modified red and black versions of the Grundig S350. The new S350DL will feature the Tecsun BCL2000 black and red with one minor change... silver knobs! It appears that Eton finally realized that many people preferred the import Chinese Red or Black Tecsun version over the Eton silver. Though no mention yet on Eton's page about the new S350DL. Thanks to Tom Welch for passing this info along. May 18

More Info On The Degen DE31 Active Antenna
Conner Walsh sends in a Chinese to English translation of the numbers on the DE31 drawing from info on Degen's page. While most of it is common sense for many, those who are less knowledgeable might find it interesting. The number correspond with the DE31 drawing:
1. Suction pad * 2. Clip * 3. Flexible wire loop * 4. Receiver * 5. Fully extended telescopic antenna * 6. Amplifier unit * 7. Control Unit * 8. Power indicator * 9. Feed line * 10. Power switch * 11. Connection adapter * 12. Tuning button (looks like a knob in the drawing: this may be a misunderstanding in my translation) * 13. Battery * 14. Battery case cover * 15. Black receiver earth clip * 16. White Receiver antenna clip May 18

Degen DE31 Active Antenna
Thanks to Chungkha Ha, we learn that Degen has a new active antenna in the works. Covering 3.9 - 22.0 MHz, this active antenna uses 2 AAA batteries with a power consumption of 6 ma. No word yet if or when this antenna will be available; however you can see a drawing of it by clicking here. Mr Ha also sends word that Degen is now accepting advance orders for the upcoming DE1107 analog in China. Other sources tell us though that Degen has been busy manufacturing MP3 players and that radio production has been stalled. May 14

C. Crane Radio Announces The Mini CC Radio
Available for the fall of 2005, C. Crane Radio has announced that they will be introducing a US designed and engineered follow-up to their well known CCRadio... the Mini CCRadio. No photos or details are available yet but a good place to keep any eye peeled for more info is the radio's own webpage: MiniCCRadio.com. May 14

New Elad FDM77 DRM Ready Receiver
Thanks to Andrea Borgnino, IW0HK we learn of the new made in Italy Elad FDM77 software defined receiver that covers 50 KHz to 60MHz and is DRM capable. The FDM 77 rings in at 560 Euros or $724US. [go to the Elad FDM77 page] May 5

Phil's Tabletop (Radio) Guide 2005
This time Phil takes a look at available Toptop receivers on the market (or recently discontinued). [Download the pdf file] Apr 5

N9EWO's Icom R75 Power Supply Mod
Dave didn't like how the supplied Icom R75 power supply's excess voltage caused the radio generate excess heat so he did something about it. [go to Dave's Radio Receiver Page] Apr 3

Phil's Portable (Radio) Guide 2005
Phil of the R75 Info Center takes a look at available shortwave portables on the market today and gives you his take on them. You can download the pdf format file by clicking here. Mar 21

George McKay, Jr. W6WXG, Founder Of McKay Dymek Dies
Reposted with permission from Ted Shireman, friend and colleague of Mr. McKay.

"I am reporting the death of George E. McKay, Jr. on March 10, 2005, in Claremont CA. George formed the McKay Dymek Company in 1975. One of its products was the AM -5 Hi-Fi tuner, which in rack mount with 500-ohm output, was used in hundreds of broadcast stations."

"Another product was the DR-22/33 series digital, triple-conversion, all-wave receiver which covered continuously from 50kHz to 29.7 mHz. Some, again in rack-mount, were sold under contract to the Navy of Thailand. Also he produced associated antenna equipment."

"His original idea was to make electronic gear in attractive cabinets which could be "wife-accepted" to go along with other furniture in living rooms, not banished to a work-shop."

"George was a boyhood friend from 7th grade. I put out several issues of the Dymek News for him, a sales promotion vehicle, with something like a 1500 press run, describing the products, mixed in with news of FCC actions, amateur radio items, etc." - Ted Shireman


If you have not seen any McKay-Dymek radios, and frankly they are works of art, you can download a copy of their 1980 catalog in PDF fortmat (8 MB) by clicking here. The catalog has color photos of the DR22C and DR33C receivers as well as the DA100 active antenna. Included also are specs, price guide, lease agreement, customer comments and a review of the DR33C.

The Icom R75 Has Been Discontinued
The hits just keep coming. Universal Radio has announced that the table top general coverage receiver R75 has been discontinued. The good news, if you can call it that, is that Universal says they have a limited available stock of this radio. Mar 15

The RL Drake R8B Has Been Discontinued
Though not surprising, the benchmark and famed R8B communications receiver (10 or 100 - 30000 kHz) manufactured in the USA has been discontinued. Beginning in 1991, the R8 series was Drake's attempt to re-enter and capitalize on their excellent brand name with the SWL and amateur radio markets. The original R8 evolved into the R8A and eventually the R8B of today. Mar 15

Panasonic Oxyride - New Batteries: Twice the Life
PC World takes a look at Panasonic's new non-alkaline and disposable Oxyride batteries and compares them with the Duracell Ultra alkalines and 1800-mAh Rayovac NiMH batteries. [read the PC World article] Apr 9

New MotoBras Digital Readout AM-FM-SW-TV Radio
The Brazilian radio company MotoBras has introduced for 2005 a new digital readout 5 shortwave band portable. The RM-PFD76AC covers 4690 to 5150, 5880 to 6300, 9400 to 9950, 11580 to 12100 and 14960 to 16000 kHz. The radio appears to be analog with digital readout. Also worth noting is that the radio uses 4 D cell batteries so probably lots of radio play time. MotoBras also has just added an English section to their website that is worth checking out. No details at this time as to where you may purchase one of these radios at this time outside of Brazil but we are working on it. [go to MotoBras' homepage] Mar 5

Two Reviews Of The County Comm GP-4L
Dave's Radio Receiver Page has posted a detailed review of the revised and new GP-4L. [read Dave Z' impressions of the GP-4L by clicking here] If you are looking for a different radio radio review, The LED Museum has a review of the GP-4L from a LED flashlight perspective. There are lots of other interesting information at the LED Museum webpage if you are interested in LED Flashlights. [go to the LED Museum's review] Feb 25

Stephan's Short Receiver Reviews
Stephan Großklaß who maintains the very useful and excellent Sony 7600 Series page has added some short reviews of portables from his collection which include the Sony ICF-SW12, Grundig Signal 700, Philips D1835, Sony ICF-M60SRDS, Degen DE105 (Viola WR1) and Philips AE3405. Some of these radios have been discontinued but little has been written about them so it is nice to see information about them. [go to Stephan's Short Reviews] Feb 22

Icom IC-7000? Icom's Follow-up To The IC-706MIIG?
News of the Icom 7000 was first posted a few days ago on the Union de Radioaficionados de Ourense EA1URO's webpage. Today a photo of the 7000 is posted on their page. The new radio is reported to have a spectrum anylaizer and IF DSP. Not much else is known at this time, including the official model number "IC-7000". [Go to EA1URO's page to see the new 7000] Feb 19

More Details on the Icom IC-7000 via VA7OJ/AB4OJ

Universal Radio To Sell The AOR AR7030 plus Again
Thanks to Dave Zantow's "Dave's Radio Receiver Page" we learn that Universal Radio is selling once again the AOR AR7030. Dave mentions that the warranty and repair service will not be supported by AOR US. More details can be found on Dave's page by click here. Feb 10

Degen Engineer Looks For Development Ideas On The Upcoming DE1108
A very interesting thread has developed on rec.radio.shortwave. Leowood, perhaps Leowood Wang who runs the Chinese language SWL.126.com radio webpage (?), posted the following: "The designer (also the main engineer of DE1103 & Grundig SAT800) now ask advise of the receiver function from BCLer, the DE1108 will be the high end receiver of DE 110X series, it comes with a large dot matrix LCD display(128*64) two way speaker system, MP3 recorder, AM sync detector, SSB, dual conversion, the reference basis is SAT700, it should has better performance than sony 2001D, 7600G, SW77 even SAT700, the outline dimensions will be large than SAT700,pls post your thougts here, I will take the message to the design, thank you!" You can read the full thread and other people's suggestions by clicking here to go to rec.radio.shortwave. via Conan Ford. Feb 3

Eton Photos and News From CES 2005
Thanks to a friend of RadioIntel.com, we have some photos taken at CES2005 while visiting Eton's booth and bit of news. Good news! Our visitor was told that the very much anticipated E1/E1XM should start shipping very soon. As always there seems to be a mystery with this radio. In Eton's catalog that was passed out at CES2005, featured is the E1XM as the "world's first and only AM/FM Shortwave Tuner with XM Satellite Radio" and with the radio's specs. Oddly though on the next page there is another photograph of the E1XM, as it has the XM logo displayed on it, but the header says "E1 AM/FM Shortwave Radio" detailing the radio's specs without any mention of XM. Does this mean there will be two versions available? Though there has been no publicity of two versions other than perhaps a Euro (DAB) and US (XM) model, one is lead to believe that perhaps there will be a version of this radio without XM Satellite and/or DAB? From a marketing perspective this would only make sense as the additional modes are not globally available. Another interesting note is that the E1XM featured at CES had a light rubbery coating on the radio's case which our visitor commented felt good in her hands. Surprisingly this rubber coating was also noticed on the new E10 and E100. This is unlike the current E10 and E100 that are available. So perhaps as soon as current stock of the E10 and E100 are cleared out that these new "rubbery" coated radios will be on the shelves? The mystery of the Grundig Satellit 800 discontinuous remains to a degree. Our visitor at CES was told that "officially" the Satellit 800 is not discontinued however there are none in stock and no current orders from the factory in China to produce any and that future versions may have improvements. Missing for the second year in a row from Eton's catalog is the Satellit 800 so who knows? Also noticed missing from this year's catalog is the Porsche Design G4000A (the repackaged YB400PE). Now for the photos: [see the E1XM pic #1, E1XM pic #2, E1XM pic #3, the new P7131 pic #1, P7131 with top back of P7132 pic #2, P7131 pic #3, Grundig display, E10, Elite Series display Jan 20

More Photos Of The DE1105 Package via CNRadior.com

Tivoli SongBook Portable Really Sings
[read the MSNBC article] Jan 18

DRM To Launch More Radios In '05
[read the Radio World article] Jan 13


Ebay Bans The Use Of The Word "Degen" On Auctions
Thanks to Ebay seller Liypn we learn that Ebay as prohibited the use of the word "Degen" on their auction site. This is result of a complaint filed by Degen GmbH Communication with Ebay as unauthorized use of intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark, etc.

Degen DE1105 To Go To Market Soon
It appears that soon we will be seeing the DE1105 as Degen has posted info on this up coming model on their website. [click here to see] Connor Walsh, who sent the link to Degen, also sent along a real human, non-babblefish Chinese to English translation on the DE1105. Additional translation by Chaoliangmanping.

- - AM/FM/SW Multiband Receiver - -
* FM: 70.0-108.0MHz (Includes Campus radio in China), tuning steps 50KHz/100KHz
* MW: 522 - 1620KHz, tuning steps 1KHz/9KHz
* SW: 5.800 - 26.100MHz steps of 1KHz/5KHz.
* Double conversion receiver with high sensitivity and high selectivity.
* Five tuning methods: Rocker buttons, Manual, Auto, Memory recall, direct frequency input, and ATS
* Memory: 1000 stations (non volatile)
* Two volume control methods: Digital buttons and analog.
* 32 level volume control, shown on screen.
* Digital buttons with 3 modes: Fast and slow tuning steps, and volume tuning.
* Intelligent battery auto-charge, with display of charging process.
* Intelligent manual battery charge, with time remaining to full charge display.
* Display and Keypad backlight. Two backlight mode settings.
* Ten point signal metre.
* FM Mono/Stereo with Bass selection.
* Three alarm timers with 3 frequencies and 3 volume settings.
* Sleep timer adjustable from 1 -99 minutes.
* Time and temperature display, accurate to .5 of a degree. (That's what it says! And as it's in China, that would be Celsius degree).
* On/Off electronic lock.
* Metre band display and selection.
* Error display for incorrect keypad operation.
* Battery charge display, auto shut-off when battery runs out.
* BTL power amplifier CMOS chip with excellent sound.
* Signal can be increased with an external antenna.
* Takes two AA batteries.
* Comes with: high quality earphone, external antenna wire, 220v AC adapter, two AA size rechargeable NiMH batteries and soft flannelette slipcover.
* Dimensions:118x75x23.5mm (4.64" x 2.95" x .925" inches)

Conner comments that the most exciting thing about the DE1105 is it's size as it would make an excellent pocket radio. Agreed! He also mentions that he saw on a SW Chinese BBS that will be listed for mail order in China for around 330 RMB (Yuan) (US$40 +/-)

Thanks Conner and Chaoliangmanping for sharing this news with everyone! Dec 26

New Degen DE1107 - 3 Photos!
Thanks an anonymous SWL in China who has sent along links to three new photos of the Degen DE1107 that were posted to a popular Chinese radio site. There are no details on this new radio other than the photos but after looking at them, the DE1107 appears to be an analog receiver. Perhaps the digital display is for time only or maybe frequency readout as well?? The radio does feature an internal NiMH battery charger. There is also a Sleep function (clock only snooze? or sleep timer?) Other notables are a band slector switch on the side and a real volume control on the front. Not to mention it is very attractive as well! [click to see photo #1] [click to see photo #2] [click to see photo #3] Dec 24

Tivoli Audio Introduces Two New Models - SongBook & Model Satellite
Tivoli, known for the fidelity of their radios, has two new models. The AM-FM digital readout SongBook looks like a PlaySkool tough radio with it's rubberized coating. The SongBook also features a built in NiMH charger and alarm clock. Availabile in an assortment of colors, the radio carries a big price tag at $159.99. Just how good of a receiver it is we would love to know. The downside appears to be that it requires 6 AA batteries and only 5 memory presets. The other model is Model Satellite featuring Sirius. The Model Satellite seems to have many of the same features of the original Model One table top radio. Thanks to David Reeder for passing this news along. Dec 23

Eton To Announce Porsche Designed AM-FM-SW-XM Radios At CES 2005 - Models P`7131 & P`7132
Though the E1 has yet to hit the shelves, thanks to Gizmodo we learn that Eton will announce at CES 2005 two new models (a tabletop - P`7131 and a portable - P`7132) that both will feature XM and Shortwave. . Sneak peek photos can be found at Gizmodo and more details on Eton's website. Dec 13

Tecsun BCL2000 Now Chinese Lettering Only
The Tecsun BCL2000 is now being manufactured with Chinese label lettering only. One can only assume that this is due to pressure from Eton for perhaps lost sales of the Grundig S350 and to encourage the BCL2000 to stay in the domestic Chinese market. The production switch to Chinese lettering appears to have started sometime in August 2004 as models offered by ebay seller Liypn make note of this. Of course these radios, BCL2000/S350, are fairly simple radios to operate regardless of the lettering. No doubt some non-Chinese speaking radio ops will consider the Chinese lettering a "wow" factor and get one of these too. Maybe if the S350 was offered in other colors such as the fire engine red and jet black, which are the colors for the BCL2000, that this would boost sales of the S350? Thanks to Jay Allen sending this news along. Oct 11

New Tecsun PL-350 link via bclman2002

More Photos Of The Degen DE1105

Surfin': Intelligent Life on Earth Ground
Special thanks to Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, for featuring RadioIntel.com in his weekly ARRL Surfin column. [go to the Surfin' article] Nov 15

Regency TR-1: Transistor Radios Play On
Another TR-1 Happy B-day article. [read the MSNBC article] link via StrongSignals.net Oct 22

MotoBras - Brazilian Shortwave/AM/FM Portable And Car Radios
Thanks to David Fogarty, we learn of MotoBras, a Brazilian company which offers their own line of shortwave analog portables and car radios for their domestic market.

Here is an overview of the seven shortwave portable models they offer. (Note: links to the radios are to MotoBras' Spanish page. To go to the Portugues version, click on home and proceed).
RM-PF76AC: FM, MW, SW 5 bands and TV.
RM-PF77AC: FM, MW, SW 4 bands, TV and one band that is fixed frequency for Brazil's Radio Aparecida in the 49 and 31 shortwave meter bands. Quite unusual!
RM-P64AC: MW and SW 5 bands.
RM-PF32: Smaller portable - FM, MW, SW 1 band (4.50 to 12.40 MHz) and TV
RGM-PFS51: Mini Boom box with cassette tape player - FM, MW and SW 3 bands.
RM-PF71AC: Perhaps the most interesting model on of all. Apparently designed for listening to radio amateurs and airplanes (aeronautical). This model features a BFO (for SSB and CW listening). The radio's coverage are mostly the amateur radio bands of 80, 40, 20, 15, and 11(CB)/10 meters. The aeronautical band (118 to 136 MHz) are also included as well as MW and FM.
Fixed Frequency Version (no name) - For organizations, religious groups, political organizations, etc to have their own fixed frequency radio for their listeners. They will put the groups name on the radio as well.

MotoBras also offers two analog car radios with shortwave.
Tucano VI: Features a cassette player, FM, MW and SW - 49 and 60 meter bands.
Spix VI: Is basically the same radio as the Tucano VI minus the cassette player.

MotoBras' radios are economically priced and can be viewed by going to Brazil's RadioShopping.

If anyone has any of these radios and would like to share their experiences, please drop us an email and let us know your impressions. Oct 1

New Ten Tec RX-400 via Dave's Radio Receiver Page (scroll down on Dave's page to read his take on this new 2-3000 MHz RX where it says "Dave's Radio News")

Degen DE1103 Review (In Russian via radioscaner.ru) Review Translated to rough English (click here)

MP3: Interview With Alan Heil, The Former Deputy Director Of The Voice Of America And Author Of Voice of America: A History
There is an interesting interview with Alan Heil at the website Talking History. Mr. Heil talks about the history of the VOA and the his thoughts on it's future. Talking History has loads of interesting Real Audio and MP3s interviews on history, politics and culture that are worth checking out. [click here to download the MP3 audio interview with Mr. Heil via Talking History] Oct 18

The 960 Watt XCVR That Never Was - Yaesu FT-101TT
The Yaesu FT-101 line from the 1970s is legendary and frankly looks like a real amateur radio transceiver. If any single radio could be credited for taking a large chunk of the amateur radio market share from the Heathkit company and adding to it's demise it was the FT-101. What is amazing is that Yaesu had planed a dual VFO and 960 Watt version of this radio. The Fox Tango International Group has posted information and a photo of the prototype Yaesu FT-101TT that was to go to market in 1980. A must see for any fan of the Yaesu FT-101. [go to the Yaesu FT-101TT page] Sep 27

Never Heard A Shortwave Radio Pirate? Halloween Is The Time To Try!
Halloween is a great time to try to hear pirates on shortwave in North America. Good places to try through the Halloween weekend are frequencies between 6920 to 6960 kHz. Especially look around 6925 and 6955 kHz. Don't forget to not only tune around in AM mode but many pirates use SSB mode (USB & LSB) as well. These are not the only frequencies they use but these are you best shots. For more info on Pirate Radio, go to the Free Radio Network. Oct 26

Eton Introduces The FR300 Windup Radio
Universal Radio has posted on their site the new Eton FR300. While not a replacement for the FR200, as the FR300 lacks SW, what is noticable is that the FR300 sports the Eton name and not the Grundig name. The FR300 Windup has AM, FM, TV VHF and NOAA Weather bands as well as the ability to recharge certain cellphone batteries. No listing yet on Eton's webpage about this new model. [go to Universal-Radio's Webpage] Sep 13

Another DRM Stand Alone Radio - Starwaves Prelude
Thanks to Andrea Borgnino, we learn that another DRM ready radio will be on display at the International Broadcasting Convention. Fifty editions of the "First Love" prototype , which offers stereo LW, SW and FM analog, DRM and DAB reception will be made available for a whopping €2003 (US$2,421). For specs on the the Starwaves Prelude, click here to download the pdf file. [go to the Starwaves Prelude page] Sep 10

New DRM Ready Computer Based Receiver By Coding Technologies - "The Digital World Traveller"
A Coding Technologies Press Release for the International Broadcasting Convention this September in Amsterdam makes note that the Digital World Traveller, a PC based DRM radio, will be on display and available for sale after the show for €199 plus VAT (US$240 +/- plus VAT). [read the Coding Technologies release] Thanks to Andrea Borgnino for sharing this info. Sep 7

Hurricane Season Is Here!
Follow the hurricane season with these pages which are loaded with frequencies and tracking tips. If a hurricane hit's your area, don't forget to monitor your local stations as well! [go to Hurricane Watch Net] [go to Bill Snyder's Hurricane Frequencies] [go to TRSC's Hurricane Page] [go to Hugh Stegman's 2004 Hurricane Frequencies] [VoIP Skywarn/Hurricane Net Support] Sep 2

Eton Elite Series E10 and E100 Due Out In November Plus More Grundig Eton News
Eton has posted on their webpage a release time frame and new photos of the awaited and attractive E10 and E100 Elite Series radios. The color of the E10 and E100 is slightly different than what appeared in the catalog released at CES 2004. Eton's webpage mentions that the E10 (a rebadged and perhaps reworked Tecsun PL550) will have the internal AA charger while there is no mention of this feature in the E100. The Tecsun PL200, the OEM version of the E100, does sport an internal charger. Universal Radio's webpage mentions a sale price of $129. 95 for the E10 and $99.95 for the E100. No mention on Eton's webpage about the anticipated release of the E1. The E10 and E100 should be out no later than November as Eton's page says "this November make an informed decision with Eton Radios".

Will the Grundig Satellit 800 be discontinued? The September issue of Monitoring Times reports that the Satellit 800 has been discontinued and the new Eton E1 will be it's replacement. This sort of makes since since the Satellit 800 was not in the CES 2004 catalog.

Last call for the Grundig YB400PE! This model will be replaced by the G4000A. Guess what? It's appears to be the same radio. The G4000A will have a leatherette snap on case. All else looks to remain the same. Sep 4

Icom IC-746 Xcvr Review As A RX Only by Bjarne Mjelde (pdf file) via DXing.info

Mayah DRM2010 Now Shipping
According to Mayah's website, the new DRM (digital broadcast) ready shortwave portable DRM2010 is now shipping. Originally slated to be out by Christmas 2003, the DRM2010 is the first stand alone DRM shortwave portable. Who will be the first to get one? Impressions are welcome! Thanks to Benjamin Sacks for the update. Jun 17

Tecsun PL-550 English Translation
So far the PL-550 is only available with Chinese lettering on the radio. Now thanks to HongKongRadioer for translating the new PL-550's lettering to English you can take a look to see what this radio has to offer. If you already have a PL-550 and can't read Chinese, you may wish to print this out for quick reference. [click to see the new Tecsun PL-550 translated to English] Mar 23

Degen DE1103 Update
No news yet when the DE1103 will be available but thanks to Danny Wu we get a chance to see some more photos of this new model. In late February we heard the DE1103 had been delayed for another month. Maybe we will see this model soon? In the mean time, enjoy looking at these new photos. NOTE: files are large but detailed so be patient while downloading [photo#1 - Front / photo#2 - Right Side / photo#3 - Left Side / photo#4 - Front Tilted Mar 19

AOR AR7030 Ends US Distribution
Passport To World Band Radio (passband.com) reports that the well known table top receiver, AOR AR7030 has been cut from the North American market. Details can be read on their web page. [go to passband.com] Mar 6

Tecsun PL-550 Photo Review
HongKongRadioer sends along some more photos of the new Tecsun PL-550. Take a look and see what is inside this new radio [see the PL-550 Photos] It won't be long before you see the PL-550 offered on Ebay. These radios just becoming available in China. Feb 24

New Icom IC-R20 All Mode Wideband Handheld Receiver/Scanner
StrongSignals.net has word that a new Icom handheld is coming soon! Covering 0.15 to 3304.999 MHz and featuring SSB/CW ability. The radio also sports a ferrite for MW reception. [read more on StrongSignals.net] Feb 4

Three New Sangean AM/FM/SW Portables
Universal Radio has posted three new Sangean portables that are expected to be available March 1. Listed are the Sangean Pro Travel PT10, PT50 and PT80. Do they look familiar? These are the same models as the Grundig AG Yacht Boy 10, Yacht Boy 50 and Yacht Boy 80. The stylish PT80 appears to be the most interesting, and of course the most expensive, with SSB, an unusual tuning knob on the face of the radio, and 45 memories. Thanks to Bob Greene and Barry Rothman giving us the heads up on these three radios. Who will be the first to get one? Jan 29

Eton/Grundig News and Changes
Eton has distributed a new catalog of their products which include some new radios. Featured of course is the new E1 XM, which is part of their new "Elite Series" of radios. Other radios in the "Elite Series" include the Eton E10 and Eton E100. The E10 resembles the new Tecsun PL-550 and the E100 appears to be the Tecsun PL-200. The new "G Series" of radios will feature the Grundig name and a black leatherette protective case that folds out similar to the FA Porsche radio that has been on the market for some time. The "G Series" models include the FA Porsche design G2000A and the G1000A. There is one surprising addition to the new "G Series", the G4000A which is a renamed YB-400PE. The Grundig FR-200 will be available in a variety of colors including "Metallic Blue", "Metallic Bronze", "Metallic Pearl", and the original "Sand". For a little more money, the new orange colored Grundig FR-200G "Emergency Radio" includes a AC charger. Other radios in the catalog include the S350, Mini World 100PE, Mini 300PE, YB-550PE and other new non-shortwave radios and Hi-Fi systems. Strangely missing from the catalog though is the Grundig Satellit 800. Jan 21

Tecsun PL-550 Goes To Market
Word from HongKongRadioer and Danny Wu is that the new Tecsun PL-550 has gone to market in China. Images seen so far of the PL-550 have Chinese lettering on the radio. No word yet if this model will be available with English lettering. We will keep you posted! Jan 17

New Degen DE1103 Photo!
Danny Wu sends along another nice large photo of the Degen DE1103 that is expected to be available in the upcoming months. [click here to see the Degen DE1103] Jan 17

Tecsun PL-550 Photos and News
HongKongRadioer sends along some photos of the new black PL-550 that he just received. [Photo#1: PL-550 Box - Photo#2: PL-550 Black - Photo#3: PL-550 & R-9700DX - Photo#4: PL-550 & Grundig Satellit 700 - Photo#5: PL-550 opened up] Though it's not official, it doesn't look like this model will be available just yet with English lettering but not to worry. There is a new Yahoo E Users Group for this radio to pass along tips and hopefully, with the help of HKR, a translated English manual in the future. [go to the Tecsun PL-550 E-Group]. The PL-550 has 550 memories and built in battery charger. No SSB. The 3 mysterious knobs? Volume-Tune-Antenna Tune. Thanks to HKR for the photos! Jan 19

More News On The New Eton E1 XM
Gary Arnold sends along some more news on the Eton E1 XM's Features:
1 - A 4-inch speaker
2 - Selectable sideband and double-sideband sync detector
3 - NO ferrite MW antenna. MW works off the whip antenna with provision for an external loop, wire, or other MW antenna. This CAN be a plus for some of us -- won't have to turn the radio when listening to local stations. And any serious MW DXing requires more than a built-in ferrite rod anyway.
4 - No notch filter. Of course, who would expect one on a portable.

With 3 bandwidths (7.0, 4.0, and 2.5), selectable-sideband sync detection, AND passband tuning, this radio's got to be a killer.
Jan 14

Eton E1 XM YES! Grundig Satellit 900 NO!
Those wishing for the past 8 or so years for a radio that has a Grundig Satellit 900 label on it may have to wait forever. Gary Arnold sends the following message: "Looks like there has been a major decision at Eton Corporation to drop the Satellit 900 and release only the Eton E1 XM. My source tells me the target release date is the middle of this year, will cost around $560US, and will have 3 bandwidths (7.0, 4.0, and 2.5) along with passband tuning." Time will tell. Jan 13

Digital Radios To Drool Over
MSNBC takes a look at a few models introduced at CES [read the MSNBC article] Jan 12

More Tecsun PL-550 Photos and News
Danny Wu sends more detailed photos along of the Tecsun PL-550. Danny says that the PL-550 should be available for sale within the next month or two. No word yet if this radio will be available with English lettering or it wll be rebadged by another distributor. [Photo#1 Front - Photo#2 Back - Photo#3 Left Side - Photo#4 Right Side] Jan 11

Kaito KA1102 Review From A Radio Amateur's Perspective
John Hoyt W5UGD reviews the KA1102 for remote amateur radio listening purposes. [read W5UGD's Review] Jan 11

Tecsun PL-550 Photo
Danny Wu sends along this detailed photo of the new Tecsun PL-550. [click to see the photo] Thanks Danny! Jan 4

Grundig Mini World 200 Photos
Thanks to David Reeder, we get a chance to compare the Mini World 200 with the Mini World 100. [click here to see the photo]. Here is a close up of the Mini World 200 [click to see] . David promises a review of the Mini World 200 soon. As Steve Waldee points out, there is already a Mini World 300 scheduled to come out as posted on Universal Radio's web page. Humm... Jan 3

New Degen DE1103 Coming Soon
Word from Degen is that the DE1103 will be available after the Chinese New Year (February or March 2004). Thanks to Danny Wu of the Chinese BCL Information Source for sending along some advance photos of this new model. Take a look: PHOTO#1 - PHOTO#2 - PHOTO#3 - PHOTO#4 - PHOTO#5 - PHOTO#6 - PHOTO#7. After looking at the photos some things stand out. The DE1103 will be an AM/FM/SW PLL dual conversion receiver with an analog display and sporting 268 memories and SSB capability. Jan 1

New Grundig Yacht Boy 80, Yacht Boy 50 and Yacht Boy 10?
RHF on the Grundig-Yacht-Boy-Radios E-group noticed that on Grundig AG (Germany) web page that there are three new models. No word yet if these have hit the market yet. Anyone want to share any details they may know about these new models? [Click to see the new YB-80, YB-50 & YB-10 on Grundig AG web page] Jan 1



New Grundig MiniWorld 200
Goodbye MiniWorld 100 PE.... Though this radio is not listed on Grundig Eton's webpage, it looks like they will be replacing the popular pocket sized 100PE with the MiniWorld 200. [take a look at the new MiniWorld 200] Thanks to David Reeder for passing this info along. Jan 1

More Tecsun PL-550 Images
Here are three more images for the new Tecsun PL-550. [#1-Magazine Ad] [#2-LCD Display] [#3-Keypad] Thanks to Danny Wu for sending these images along for everyone to see. Dec 20

Eton Grundig Satellit 900 Photo
Here is what it looks like! Thanks to David on RRS via RHF on the Satellit 900 E-Group for bringing the link to my attention. Dec 18

Eton E1 XM
Gary Arnold sends word that there is a photo of the new Eton E1 XM. According to Gary's sources, "... the E1XM incorporates MOST of the features of the new Satellit 900. So the E1XM is not exactly the new 900 but close to it. Thanks Gary! Dec 17

Tecsun To Introduce The PL-550
Danny Wu forwards what appears to be an ad for the PL-200, PL-230 and the new PL-550. [click here to see this ad] Dec 16

Edek Electronics Closing Shop
Known for his fine Medium Wave (AM) and shortwave Torus Tuner Loops, Edek Electronics is closing shop. Ed Wawzinski, K3FDY, has been making hand made loops for radio enthusiasts around the world for the past six years and has decided to shut down his loop making business due to health reasons. Anyone who has one of Ed's loops knows and appreciates the excellent performance of his loops and those who don't have one..... well, you missed out ! Good luck Ed OM! Nov 5

Yacht Boy’s New Shortwave Cruiser: YB-550PE
Nice to see MSNBC taking a look at the eton Grundig YB-550PE [read the MSNBC article] Nov 10

The WRX911 and the Grundig Mini World 100 PE Go Head to Head
James Careless, who's articles have appeared in Radio World, continues his Cheap and Cheerful Radios review. This time James compares the WRX911 with the Mini World 100PE. [read James' review] Nov 7

MAYAH DRM2010 Digital DRM Receiver Going To Market In Time For Christmas
From MAYAH Communications:
We are very glad to announce that DRM2010 will be still ready for delivery in 2003. This will allow DRM to get even more popular and also to fulfil most of you a wish for Christmas.

The product has been successfully announced during WRC in Geneva, presented at IFA in Berlin, IBC in September and a lot fall exhibitions and presentation in various countries.

The DRM2010 Digital Receiver will be delivered with following accessories:
· Power supply
· Manual in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian)

DRM2010 can now be ordered for EUR 695,-- net price. Private buyers will have to pay 16% VAT in addition which results in a total of EUR 806,20. Companies from EU will have to provide their VAT ID for buying at net price. [Ed Note: 1 Euro = $1.15 US]

For dealers and volume buyers, a discount table is available, please ask by Email at drm@mayah.com or by fax +49 811 5517-55.

Delivery is assumed to happen in December, first orders will be first served.

Please order by fax to +49 811 5517-55 using our order form or in our shop which will be available in the next days and announced by a separate Email.

Thanks to Jim C for forwarding this release. Nov 5

Symphony: Motorola Chip Set Digitally Tweaks Analog Radio
Could this be the next big thing in consumer radios? Thanks to Stephen Powell for the link. [read the EE Times article] Oct 9

Shortwave Radio And The PC
Jeff Wilson writes an excellent introductory article about SWLing and using the computer controlled Ten-Tec RX-320. [read the Ars Technica article] Oct 16

Kaito WRX911 Gets 410 Hours Of Play Time
JC in NY reports back that he was able to get 410 hours of play time on the WRX911 at headphone volume! Note: as with most radios, using the radio at headphone volume drains the batteries at a lesser rate. [If you missed the WRX911 review you can read it here] Oct 5

Icom IC-756 Pro 2 Receiver
Thanks to Paulo Ferreira sends word that THIECOM may be offering a receiver version only of the popular Icom IC-756 Pro 2 transceiver. I seem to recall a few years ago another company offering a receiver version of the Kenwood TS-570. [go to the THIECOM webpage] [to translate the page from German to English go here - be sure to put the URL in] Oct 4

A Profile Of Larry Magne, The Man Behind Passport To World Band Radio
As Passport To World Band Radio goes to press with their 20th edition, Radio World's James Carelss tells the story of PWBR and Larry Magne. [read the Radio World article] Sep 13

Tecsun PL-230 Will Be The Awaited Grundig YB-550PE
According to Danny Wu's site Chinese BCL Information Source, the Tecsun PL-230 will be the new Grundig YB-550. Danny says that the YB-550PE will have the same performance as the PL-200. Thanks to Danny and Ali (photo link) for sharing this info! Sept 5

Tecsun Green-138
Will this replace the Grundig RF-200? (click on the image to see another photo)

More On The New Sangean Radios
Universal Radio has posted details of the new WR-1 on their webpage. They have a very nice larger photo of the new WR-1. On thiecom.de we learn that Sangean will be introducing three new DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) ready radios for the European market. The DPR-1, , , DPR-2 and DPR-3. Also Sangean will be offering an outdoor radio, the ATR-1 and the Rugged Radio U-1. Also it looks like Sangean will be taking their first steps in manufacturing atomic clock radios that pick up the time signals from WWVB for time accuracy. The RCR1 and RCR2. What's missing? No new digital shortwave radios. As mentioned before, the ATS-636 has been put on hold or may never come to market. But no doubt Sangean will not forget their shortwave customers and offer something surprising in the future. Thanks to Ali for forwarding the links for these new radios. Aug 24

Sangean Wooden Radio WR-1
Chris Justice reviews the new Sangean WR-1 AM-FM small table top Hi-Fi mono radio. Notice the blue version of the radio in the review has longwave (LW). As you may of guessed, Chris tells me that this version will only be available in Europe. There is even a feedback form to send your comments to the CEO of Sangean. [read Chris' Review] Aug 22

Sangean To Introduce New Analog Portable, TP633 Travel Pro
Thanks to Barry Rothman for passing along a new ad he noticed on Universal Radio's web site for the Sangean TP633 Travel Pro. [go to Universal Radio's Web Page] Aug 4

The Degen DE1101 Is Coming To America As The Kaito KA1101
Lucky I picked up a Chinese version of the DE1101 on ebay a few months ago and have been meaning to write about it. This is a very impressive inexpensive portable however PBWR beat me to the punch and did a very good favorable review on the radio. [read the PWBR review] Loaded with features, this will be the inexpensive digital portable to beat for 2003. Radios4You.com and Kaito will be offering this radio and no doubt other vendors will pick this model up as well. Aug 1

Nextel Claims Trademarks On "Push To Talk" And "PTT"
More corporate insanity. This is really pathetic and outrageous! [read the Reuters article] Aug 16

Tecsun To Begin Selling Their Version of the Grundig Classic 960 In China
Thanks to Danny Wu we learn that this retro Grundig will be introduced in China as the Tecsun 1959. Take a look at the Tecsun version and compare it to the Grundig version. Danny also sends word that Tecsun has updated their English web page. Their page is always worth a look at as many of the Tecsun models eventually make their way out of China to be relabeled by other distributors. Thanks to Danny Wu for forwarding the photo of the new Tecsun 1959. Aug 1

New Receivers Coming Soon!
It looks like a few manufactures are coming out with some new radios.

Degen DE1102
Our friend HongKongRadioer sends along the following great news. The DE1102 will be the successor to the DE1101. The DE1101 was a Chinese market only digital readout radio that did not have SSB Mode. The new DE1102 will have 190 memories, SSB, and an English front panel. It's nearest competitor will be the Sony ICF-7600GR. [Take a peek at this radio thanks to HongKongRadioer.] [A Photo From Degen's website] [left side] [right side showing SSB] [back]

Kchibo KK-S500
Thanks to Jarmo Patala for forwarding the info and [photo] on this new portable from a promotional leaflet. This radio is being called Kchibo's new flagship receiver. In checking Kchibo's website, there is no mention yet of this new radio. Copied from the KK-S500's leaflet:
* FM-stereo/MW/SW Pll Synthesized World Receiver
* With FM stereo/MW/SW receiving
* Super thinner mini pll.radio with strong function
* Use imported excellent digital tuned processor
* Use advanced Mt technology with reliable quality
* Five modes to search snafus: Single key to fly scan, Manual scan, Auto scan, Computer preset 25 memorized station frequency, Directly input frequency
* Light-touched electronic button, short-wave and metric waves switch
* With lock switch to avoid of misoperation
* Digital double-clock function can set the time of two different time zone
* Button control frequency to trace stations
* Stepper rotate to search stations
* Memorize station name in English letter
* With tone switch
* Manual mono/stereo conversion
* With timing ON/OFF and sleep off within 90 minutes function
* Has night-light for using at night
* Have 9K/10K medium wave stepper frequency selecting switch, suit for every kind of world's mode
* 360°rotable antenna
* Use 2 AA batteries, can connect to outer power
* With outside short-wave antenna to improve the receiving capability
* With fancy leather cover, stereo earphone
* Power: "AA" 1.5Vx2
* Unit Size: 128x76x30mm
* Main Competitive Advantages
* High quality and low price

Thanks to everyone who took their time to send an email to share this news!

A Budget-Priced Digital Direct Entry SW Radio That Works!
James Careless again takes a look at some more inexpensive SW radios, including the new Freeplay Lifeline radio that is for distribution only in developing countires by NGOs and the Kchibo KK-E200. Look on the left side for "A Budget-Priced Digital Direct Entry SW Radio That Works!"
[read James' article] Jul 16

DRM: High-Quality Digital Radio Mondiale Stations Now On The Air With Coding Technologies AacPlus
[read the Mi2N article] June 23

Holy Cow! Have You Seen The New Icom IC-7800?
No doubt Universal Radio's comment is right on the money, "a price has not been announced (... but it will likely be grounds for divorce)". This isn't your grandfather's transceiver. [go to to Universal Radio's web page for a peek] May 21

DRM: It's A Go! International Broadcasters Launch Digital Shortwave Radio Service
[read the MI2N article] June 17

From Grundig USA HQ
Thanks to Rich Wells @ StrongSignals.net for forwarding the following statement from Grundig USA:

Etón Corporation (previously known as Lextronix, Inc.) designs, develops and manufactures its own products. Some of these products are sold under the Grundig brand.

Etón is independent of Grundig Germany and is a Licensee for Grundig AG shortwave radios in the North American markets, as well as certain markets outside of North America (except EEC markets).

Etón, as an independent company, will continue to supply products and fulfill all obligations to its customers as usual.

If you need additional information, you may contact our office:

Etón Corporation
1015 Corporation Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4305
Tel: (650) 903-3866
Fax: (650) 903-3867
USA Toll Free: 1-800-872-2228
CAN Toll Free: 1-800-637-1648

Apr 16

Radio World: War Boosts World-Band Sales
Apparently, and not surprisingly, shortwave radios are selling quite well these days. Who says shortwave is dead? [read the Radio World article] Apr 16

Shortwave: English Language HF Broadcasts Audible in NE US
Shortwave broadcasters are notorious for publishing a broadcast frequency that they do not use on their schedules. Albert Belle Isle has an outstanding list of English language broadcasts that he verifies are heard in northeastern USA. The list is short and useful for carrying around. [read Albert's list] Apr 4

DRM: Radio Is Going Digital
MSNBC takes a look at DRM from the SWL Winterfest. [read the MSNBC article] Mar 13

Review: Grundig eTraveller VII & Sony ICF-SW22. Small Shortwave Radios for Traveling
Art Simon takes a interesting look at two inexpensive shortwave portables for less than $100. [read Art's review]

Don't Look For The Sangean ATS-636 Anytime Soon
Today I spoke with Sangean USA's National Sales Manager to inquire about the status of the ATS-636 since CES is over. Unfortunately the ATS-636 has been put on hold and probably won't be available in 2003. On another note. As some people have found, the new DT-220V does not have RDS. So I asked why is this? I was told that it is because Sangean added TV coverage to the USA version (DT-220V). After taking a look at the European Sangean Site and the USA Sangean site, it appears that the Euro version, the DT-220, has RDS and the LW Band and the DT-220V does not have RDS nor LW. I downloaded the Euro DT-220 manual and discovered that yes in fact MW (AM) can be switched from 9 kHz to 10 kHz tuning. FM apparently stays at 50 kHz tuning. I don't know about you but if I had to pick between the two, the Euro DT-220 looks much more attractive. Who cares about TV reception anyway? Aren't we on the road to HDTV in a few years anyway? One last thing and quite funny. Sales are quite good of the DT-110CL in prisons making the radio a very popular with prisoners. I wonder how many smokes you need to get a DT-110CL? - Ulis February 6, 2003

Grundig S350 Are Available Now Via Grundig Eton's Web Page
Thanks to Gary Arnold for passing this info along: "The Grundig S350 is ALREADY available in the US through the Grundig-Eton website. I ordered mine a couple days ago after phoning the Eton Corporation to be sure they had them in stock, ready to ship - and they do."

It also looks like Grundig Eton will be offering another rado, the Grundig G1000A, according to Universal-Radio's web site. A quick look at Tecsun's web page reveals that the radio is sold in China as the Tecsun DR-910. This brings the count up to four new radios that Grundig Eton will be offering in the USA so far in 2003 - Satellit 900, S350, G1000A and YB550E. - March 1, 2003

Radio World Profiles C. Crane Radio
[read the Radio World article] Feb 28

Grundig Satellit 900 Coming Soon!
Thanks to Jim Dickey for providing the following info and press release from Grundig Eton on the new Satellit 900.

Dear Jim,
Thank you for your interest in Grundig Eton. Enclosed with this e-mail you will find our press release regarding the Satellit 900. We will also be notifying you again with updated information and the final details one month prior to the release of the S900 to market. Thanks again for your interest.
Best regards,
The Eton / Grundig Sales Team

********** PRESS RELEASE ************

Grundig Introduces Satellit 900 at CES 2003

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 9, 2003 --- Grundig today unveiled the new Satellit 900 AM/FM/SW Radio, the premier microprocessor-controlled, fully frequency synthesized, high performance world band receiver. With continuous frequency coverage between 100 kHz and 30 MHz plus FM broadcast
band coverage the Satellit 900 sets the standard for high performance receivers of the future.

"Grundig represents the leader in shortwave technology and the Satellit 900 delivers the ultimate in world radio enjoyment," said Esmail Hozour, Grundig - Eton Corporation's CEO. "Whether you're an experienced shortwave listener or a newcomer to the wonderful world of international broadcasting the Satellit 900 is an exciting radio with performance standards of sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range."

Sharp, sleek yet compact, the Satellit 900 pairs highly intelligent design with the power of its predecessor, the Satellit 800, known as "the best radio on the planet" by Passport to Worldband Radio. With the large dot matrix liquid crystal display with backlighting, the Satellit 900 provides
clear display of all radio modes and settings.

The built-in ferrite rod antenna and telescoping whip antenna for longwave, medium wave, shortwave and FM frequencies in addition to the external antenna connector and switch selected preamp allows customers to optimize reception of hard to pull in stations in spite of location.

Tuning abilities have also been revolutionized with the Satellit 900. In addition to tuning by the rotary main tuning encoder or by direct numeric keypad frequency entry, customers can also select stations with the convenient channel increment select keys. This innovative new feature simplifies the tuning process and enables users to scan and store up to 500 of their favorite channels.

Attendees of the International Consumer Electric Show were among the first to test the new Satellite 900 for themselves. Release of this simple and intuitive to use Satellit 900 Radio is expected for the fourth quarter of the 2003 fiscal year.

About Grundig /Eton Corporation

Grundig/Eton Corporation - With headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Grundig/Eton Corporation is a leading manufacturer of shortwave audio and portable audio products for the consumer market. Its focus is to keep customers informed through a variety of shortwave radios, which receive local and international stations from around the world. Information about Grundig Eton and its products can be found on the World Wide Web www.grundigradio.com
January 28, 2003

More On The Grundig Satellit 900
I called Grundig to find out if there was an official release date or if any publicity photos were available. I was told by a chap at Grundig that no official date has been set. Best estimation is maybe sometime this summer and there are no publicity photos available. The Satellit 900 is perhaps one of the most anticipated radios in a long time. Many past rumors of it's release were followed by disappointment. Let's hope that this isn't the case this time and that the Satellit 900 lives up to what folks are expecting. - Ulis January 29, 2003

Grundig Introduces The S350 at CES
Thanks to HongKongRadioer for forwarding links of photos taken at CES. The new S350 (aka Tecsun BCL-2000) is clearly visible. Not in view is the Satellit 900? It is unknown if the Satellit 900 was on display at CES.
Click here for the location of these photos. UPDATE: Thanks to Gary Arnold for pointing out that the S350 is not called the Satellit 350 as previously reported.
February 14, 2003

Tecsun BCL-2000 Factory Production Photos
From Tecsun's website: [Photo#1] [Photo#2] [Photo#3] [Photo#4] [Photo#5] [Photo#6] December 30, 2002

What Ever Happened To Radio Swan's MW Transmitter?
Radio Swan was perhaps one of most famous or at least most interesting clandestine radio stations to ever hit the airwaves. Here is a very interesting article about the MB50 that went from Radio Free Europe to the Swan Islands. [read the RadioWorld article] Jan 25

US Robotics Soundlink System On Closeout
Compusa.com has the US Robotics Soundlink system on closeout for a low $19.99 + $5 shipping.

Apparently you can plug the SoundLink transmitter unit into a music source (PC/MP3 player, DVD, etc.) and either plug the SoundLink receiver unit into a stereo's audio input or tune your FM receiver to 88.1 or 88.3.

Anyway it's very cheap and I ordered one - good for listening to BBC World Service streaming audio on a pocket FM in the yard!

Search for Soundlink or item number 50159127 on http://www.compusa.com

Thanks to Ali Nikseresht for bringing the above item to everyone's attention. January 31, 2003

EXCLUSIVE! - Tecsun BCL-2000 Engineering Prototype Photos
Though not available for sale yet, we have more details on the new Tecsun BCL-2000 and engineering prototype photos you can look at thanks to HongKongRadioer, Tao Jian and Ali Nikseresht. [read the full story] November 23, 2002

Just How Cheap Can You Buy a SW Radio?
I don't know about you but once a year I usually buy a small shortwave radio to give to someone as a Christmas present. My hopeful convert is usually a family member or a good friend that I think has the best chance to "make the cut" and catch the radio bug. I don't think it has worked yet as none of them have rushed out to buy a Sony 2010 or $1K table top. With that in mind, Blair passes along this interesting tidbit on some cheap Bell & Howell SW portables.

While clearing out the newspapers he noticed an ad for a radio by PublishersChoice for $19.95 plus $3.95 for S&H in the USA Weekend Magazine . But if you order by phone (800-889-4926), you can buy a second radio for the cost of S&H only. As Blair points out, this is almost $28 for two radios. But he found an even a better deal at Carol Wright for $9.95 plus $3.40 for S&H. S&H for a second radio is only a total of $4.40. That's two radios for $24.30! Carol Wright's item number is 94654.

"For shortwave coverage, this radio has the 49 m, 41 m, 31 m, 25 m, 21 m, 19 m, and 16 m bands. Further, it appears from the photo in the ad that those bands overlap, so there might be nearly complete coverage of frequencies from 5.5 MHz to 19 MHz. It also has MW (US AM) of 530-1600 kHz and an FM band that covers 54 MHz to 108 MHz." "The radio's dimensions are 5" by 3" by 1", it weighs 8 oz. , and power is provided by two AA cells."

This radio is cheap but don't expect miracles.

US Government Distributing Shortwave Radios in Cuba
Find out what radio the US Government is giving away for free in Cuba. [Read more]

The New Grundig Portable YB-550PE Coming In January?
According to Universal Radio they will have available the new Grundig Yacht Boy YB-550PE in January 2003. Click HERE to go to Universal's web site to check this new portable out. The layout appears to be very similar to the YB-500. Maybe it's me but some how I keep thinking it is a YB-300PE turned sideways and with more memories.

Last Chance For Blowout Prices on the Radio Shack DX-399, DX-398 and DX-396
The Radio Shack DX-399 (Catalog #20-229) is closing out for around $39.95. The DX-399 is the same as the Sangean ATS-606. The DX-398 (Catalog #20-228), same as the Sangean ATS-909, is down to slightly under $100. Finally, the DX-396 (Catalog #20-226) is being blown out for around $29.95. The DX-396 is an outstanding starter radio or travel radio. The unique feature with the DX-396 is that it uses C cell batteries which gives you plenty of play time! Call your local Radio Shack with the catalog number as they usually have no idea in what you are talking about when you mention the model number. If they don't have the radio in stock you are looking for, ask them to check the inventories of other stores in your area.

Sony To End Production Of The Legendary ICF-2010
The recently published 2003 edition of Passport to World Band Radio (PWBR) mentions that the final production run of the Sony ICF-2010 will be in "March '03". First introduced around 1985, the Sony ICF-2010 has been the flagship of Sony's shortwave receiver line and the benchmark of shortwave portables for many years with it's synchronous detection, multiple memories and outstanding sensitivity. It is hard to believe that Sony has produced anything for 18 years in the always changing world of electronics but the ICF-2010 has stood the test of time. The ICF-2010 is the "Iron Man" of shortwave portables.

Sangean New Model ATS-636
Announced on thiecom.de that Sangean will introduce a new model ATS-636 in 2003. Apparently their web site has taken down the sneak peak preview photo. Thanks to Pete Assman on rec.radio.shortwave for first bringing the announcement on theicom.de to everyone's attention.




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