Photo Preview of an Engineering Prototype

By Tao Jian

Development of the Tecsun BCL-2000, from idea to design to manufacture of an engineering prototype has taken about a year.

The BCL-2000's primary strength is in FM DX, with a range of some 200 km (125 miles). The radio has its own antenna and can be fitted with external ones as well.

BCL-2000 uses 4 integrated circuit (IC) chips, with fast or slow turning system (speed ratio of 4 to 1). Its standby current is 80 mA, the display precision is 1 kHz; it has a built-in power transformer; and employs a 3 unit variable capacitor tuning system.

Frequency ranges are: FM, 87-108 MHz, MW 520-1610 kHz, SW1 3-8 MHz, SW2 8-17 MHz, SW3 17-28 MHz.

The radio has no PLL. It's a single conversion design, with no stereo headphone jack, and no memories.

Dimensions: 272 by 173 by 88 mm. Sensitivitywas tested by a listener using the the telescopic/internal antenna and claims it to be equivalent to the Sony ICF-SW7600GR on FM, and better than the Sony or the Sangean ATS-909 on MW/SW.


Thanks to Tao Jian and HongKongRadioer for sharing these photos and a preview of what might be an interesting offering from Tecsun when it becomes avalable for sale.. This preview would not have been possible if not for Ali Nikseresht who sent these photos along and helped to edit Tao Jian's preview. Good job fellas!

All photos are taken and © HongKongRadioer 2002

_ Front Cover

_ Ferrite Antenna Close-up

_ Back Cover With External Antenna Connections. (Note: AC connection is for 220v)

_ Battery Compartment Exposed Revealing 4 D Cells

_ Backside of Front Cover

_ Frequency Display Board

_ Tuning Mechanism

_ The Guts Of The Radio With the Frequency Display Removed

_ Another Photo Of The Tuning Mechanism

_ Internal Close-up Of A Board





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