Dial Light Fix/Replacement For The Kenwood R-1000
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dial lites in Kenwood R-1000
From: Robb Leamy (rleamy@alltel.NOSPAMnet)
Newsgroups: rec.radio.shortwave
Date: 2003-02-04 17:41:06 PST

I just picked up a nice R-1000 receiver. The only problem is that the dial
lites for the s-meter and the analog dial are apparently burned out. Anyone
know what type of bulbs were used and how easy it might be to replace them?
I have ordered a users manual which might have this info. Radio is really
sensitive and selective. I assume it has had the mod to use the ssb filter
in AM position. Any help would be appreciated.
Tnx es 73,
Robb wb8bhu
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From: Jim Lacko (jjlsoa11@stargate.NOSPAMnet)
Newsgroups: rec.radio.shortwave
Date: 2003-02-04 18:11:35 PST

There are a total of three lamps in your R-1000. Two lamps are CLEAR (Meter
+ Dial) and One is GREEN (Mode). These lamps are "grain of wheat"-types and
come with leads and connector.

part no. B30-0808-05 CLEAR
part no. B30-0813-05 GREEN


From: Joe (joe.amp@NOSPAMverizon.NOSPAMnet)
Subject: Re: dial lites in Kenwood R-1000
Newsgroups: rec.radio.shortwave
Date: 2003-02-04 21:48:22 PST

12 volt Grain A Wheat's with gel covers.

I modified mine, and a ATS 818/DX-390 to use 5000 MCD white and green LED's
(however to do this correctly you will need to get the 180 degree diffusing
lenses from Mouser)


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