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When radio reception isn't very good or there is nothing worth listening to on "live radio", downloading radio programs to be listened to later either on a portable MP3 player (my prefered method) or on your computer can be great fun and informative. These are a few radio programs and webpages I like to listen to when on the go. Also note that Shortwave and Amateur Radio DX Audio Program links can be found in the "DX Press" section of this webpage. If you have any suggestions for additions, email them on. Thanks! - Ulis

Updated every few weeks, a look at what's going on at shortwave broadcaster WWCR.

Democracy Now!
About as far to the left as you can get in American political radio shows. Just because I listen to it don't think I believe it.

On The Media
A NPR program focusing on events in the media and how the media covers events.

Radio NewYork International
Aired on WBCQ shortwave, Johnny Lightning and crew are good for a few laughs in 4 hour blocks.

Radio New Zealand International
Right now only World and Pacific News, updated twice daily, is available in MP3.

Radio Prague
Daily broadcasts in English are available.

Hilarious celeb spoof interviews.

Switzerland In Sound
Hosted by Bob Zanotti, former Swiss Radio International announcer, with views and interviews of and about Switzerland.

The A-Infos Radio Project
Lots of independent programing available for downloading.

The Radio Trip
A montage of sounds and comedy skits. Simply amazing!

American Rhetoric
Famous Speeches

Talking History
Archives of historical events and interviews.




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