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By David Reeder

The Grundig Mini World 200 would top the list as a good "pocket" size short wave radio.

I compared the Mini World 200 to the 100, S-350, and the Kaito WRX-911. All test were done with each radios built in whip antenna.

The Mini World 200 was superior in reception of VOA at 17.895, followed by the KAITO-WRX-911, and then the Mini World 100. When testing the Mini World 200 on 13.650 CBC Radio Canada came in loud and clear as it did on the S-350. The KAITO WRX-911 was unable to receive Radio Canada on this frequency. The Mini World 100 did not tune to this frequency. The S-350 received Radio Canada somewhat poorer on this frequency than the Mini World 200. I then tried WWV on 15.000 and the Mini World 200 again was superior in reception of WWV followed by the KAITO WRX-911 (however the actual dial frequency was way off) and the Mini World 100 came in last (however it had better frequency dial accuracy than the WRX-911). The S-350 had no problem receiving WWV on 15.000. I then tried for the BBC on 12.095. The Mini World 200 was the winner! It actually beat out the S-350! The Mini World 100 tied with the S-350, and the WRX-911 was unable to hear the BBC on 12.095.

I then tried the standard AM band checking a local Dallas station on 570 kHz. The Mini World 200 the station was loud and clear, followed by the KAITO WRX-911, and then the Mini World 100. The S-350 received the station as good as the WRX-911 but poorer than the Mini World 200.

I then put the Mini World 200 through the paces on the FM band. I tuned a Dallas FM station on 96.7 (about 60 miles away from the transmitter site) The Mini World 200 did a good job of receiving the station however it was beat out slightly by the WRX-911. The Mini World 100 came in third. It was no problem for the S-350. The stereo reception was noted on the S-350, and both the Mini World 200 and 100.

Conclusion: The Mini World 200 for a small pocket sized radio is certainly worth consideration. I would rate it over the WRX-911! The WRX-911 would be my second choice for a pocket-sized short wave radio (however the dial accuracy isn't anywhere near as good as the Mini World 200) My third choice would be the Mini World 100. The only test that the Mini World 200 beat the S-350 was on Radio Canada reception on 13.650. I didn't observe any image problems on the Mini World 200 compared to other small Inexpensive shirt sized pocket short wave radios. I am very impressed with the analog dial accuracy of the Mini World 200 compared to the WRX-911 or the Mini World 100. By the way tuning is much easier (not so stiff) on the Mini World 200 compared to the Mini World 100.

As far as small shirt pocket short wave radios go I would give the Grundig Mini World 200 a 3.9 rating on a scale of 1 to 5. I am not sure how many of these radios were produced and how long they will be available but I would certainly spend the $29.95 and order one from your local Restoration Hardware. (that is the only place that I have been able to find this radio).


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