Hong Kong Electronics Fair October 2005
All Photos are by & © HongKongRadioer
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Left to Right: Paul Fok aka HongKongRadioer, Nicole of Tecsun HK Office, Rocky of Tecsun HK Office, Cissy holding the latest Tecsun DR-920, and L. Zhou - Free Lance Engineer, Designer of the Grundig Satellit 800 (Tecsun HAM-2000), DE1103, DE1106 (Eton E5) and the forthcoming DE1108.

Tecsun's Booth

New Tecsun Radios CR-100, DR-920 & R-9012

Tecsun CR-100 AM/FM/TV

Tecsun CR-100 AM/FM/TV

Tecsun CR-100 AM/FM/TV

CR-100 uses 2 D Cells

Tecsun DR-920 AM/FM/SW

Tecsun R-9012 AM/FM/SW

Other Photos Of The Fair

Special thanks to Paul HongKongRadioer for sharing these photos!




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