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NSS Annapolis, Maryland

Featured in the background of the Severn River is the old US Navy LW station NSS. The towers of NSS were a predominate feature of the skyline of Annapolis since they were first erected sometime in the pre-1940s. NSS was decommissioned in 1996 and it's antennas were destine to be taken down. Oddly enough some of the residence of Annapolis wished to keep the antennas up as they had become part of the skyline of the site at night with their tower lights keeping watch over the city. Others had argued that the towers could provide other useful purposes including being used as a nesting ground for some rare birds that had taken a liking to the towers. Sadly though on November 13, 1999 some of the towers were demolished. The top two photos are bascially what remains of the towers today.




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