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China Radio Museum
Zhongshan City

The China Radio Museum officially opened it's doors in January 2006. This is the first radio museum in China. The museum's collection has about 2,000+ antique and modern day radios that began with a donation by Zhongshan citizen and radio collector Qiu Jianqiu. Due to space considerations the museum is able to display only about 1/10th of the collection at a time. The museum has plans to build a larger hall which can display all the 2000 plus radios and pavilions as well displaying radios made in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many US, European and Japanese brand radios were made in Hong Kong during the late 1960s to early 1980's, including but not limited to GE, Sony, Sanyo, Philips, Motorola, etc. The most advanced and sophisticated made in Hong Kong at that time was the Philips D2999.

Paul points out that Zhongshan City is in southern China Guangdong province. The city is north-west of Hong Kong and south-west of Guangahou (Canton). From HK to Zhongshan by car at normal speed (50 KM/hr) it takes about 2.5 hours. So it is about 125 kilometers from Hong Kong.

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Paul donates two radios made in Hong Kong for the museum.
The Westminster and a GE Superadio.


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